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Another Sneaky Increase in UK eBay Stealth Fees for 2022

We have received reports from our friends and readers in the UK that eBay has found another way to increase seller fees. This time, it’s by getting rid of the volume discounts that many sellers used to enjoy. Although this may not apply to all sellers, those who achieve high volume on eBay UK have benefited from discounts on their final value fees.

This applied to sellers who would sell more than £25,000 worth of products in a 3 month period. It looks like eligible sellers received an email that didn’t explain why they were “changing” the fees. Also interesting choice of words as it is more of a withdrawal than a change.

You can see the emails received by sellers below, we have edited the image to ensure the anonymity of the seller who shared it with us.

The link they refer to Professional Seller Fees is here, which as you can see was updated on Feb 16 and appears to have removed any mention of volume discounts on end value commissions.

eBay wants high value buyers but not high value sellers?

Some may recall that last year eBay tried to defend its loss of active accounts as a strategic corporate decision to focus not on quantity of users, but on quality. Referring to their desire to retain and nurture high-spending, loyal eBay buyers with the highest payout totals.

It seems that the same is not true for their sellers. What was considered by many to be a nice incentive to succeed on the platform and be rewarded for being a high volume seller in good standing is being removed.

This could point to a troubling fourth quarter announcement pending where eBay is now resorting to desperate measures to manage the damage limitation of what may not have been a great fourth quarter with an even more ominous outlook for 2022.

At this time, we have not confirmed if US sellers have received similar emails.

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