Apple doubles data protection with new software features


(Pocket-lint) – Apple has made no secret of its privacy policy over the past few years, with high profile ads and constant updates to make it clear that it sees privacy as a core draw for customers.

That won’t change at all with the advent of iOS 15, macOS Monterey, and WatchOS 8, all of which debuted at WWDC this year and each of which is getting at least some new privacy features.

In iOS, Apple initially offers its mail app more options for stopping tracking – Mail Privacy Protection. You can prevent email senders from knowing when you opened the email, how far you’ve read, and other commonly used metrics. You can also block your IP address from trackers in Safari.


A new feature called the App Privacy Report also shows you how individual apps are tracking you and gives you the option to change that if you don’t like the look.

Another big change for iOS and iPadOS is that Siri requests are processed on the device, which allows for faster responses, the ability to use Siri without an internet connection, and better privacy.

For users of iCloud +, the paid tier of iCloud, there will also be Private Relay – a new service to fully encrypt your web traffic, creating a VPN-like privacy shield.

There are still a few more tidbits from Apple’s full announcement of the privacy features it is working on, but it’s a strong line of changes, although there won’t be any music to the advertisers’ ears.

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