Apple is responding to complaints from call center workers about plans to monitor them with cameras at home


Employees who assisted Apple’s call centers around the world have complained about plans to install cameras to monitor them while they work from home. NBC news reported.

Employees at Teleperformance in Colombia, a large call center company used by Apple, have raised concerns about long new contracts that allow them to perform voice analysis and data storage from AI-powered cameras installed in their homes Being monitored over employees’ family members, including children. A worker from Bogota who works on the Apple account said NBC news:

The contract enables constant monitoring of our activities, but also of our family. I think it’s really bad. We don’t work in an office. I work in my bedroom. I don’t want a camera in my bedroom.

The contract asked workers to agree to have video cameras installed in their home or on their computers at an angle to the workplace to record and monitor them in real time. It also included a requirement that consent must be monitored using AI-powered video analytics tools that can identify restricted objects in the workspace such as cell phones.

In addition, workers were asked to consent to the sharing of data and pictures of children under the age of 18 that could be captured by video and audio surveillance tools, to submit biometric data, including fingerprints, and even to perform polygraph tests.

Accordingly The guard, the Teleperformance software scans for video violations of work rules and sends them to the managers. Employees must click “Pause Mode” in the software to leave their desks and provide an explanation. Employees also run the risk of being marked “idle” if they do not use their mouse or keyboard for a period of time.

The workers were reportedly told by their supervisors that if they refused to sign the new contract, they would be removed from the Apple account.

Outside of Colombia, Teleperformance uses software called TP Cloud Campus, which enables employees to work remotely in more than 19 markets, but also includes “AI to monitor clean desk policies and fraud” by analyzing camera feeds . Teleperformance has enabled 240,000 of approximately 380,000 employees to work from home using TP Cloud Campus software around the world, including in India, Mexico and the Philippines.

Teleperformance workers in Albania, including those working for Apple’s UK account, complained to the country’s Information and Data Protection Officer about proposals to introduce video surveillance in their homes, which resulted in Teleperformance being prevented from using cameras to monitor employees to use that work from home country.

A Teleperformance spokesperson said NBC news that the new contracts will seek approval for a number of scenarios in order to comply with data protection laws as long term home work tools are developed and optimized for employees and customers to enhance the Teleperformance Colombia experience for both our employees and our customers for our customers, with privacy and respect as key factors in everything we do. “

Employees said management told them it was customers who requested the additional surveillance to improve security and prevent privacy breaches while working from home, but the move to implement surveillance technology in the homes of the company Employee doesn’t seem to have come from Apple. Teleperformance’s customers also include Amazon and Uber.

An Apple spokesman, Nick Leahy, said the company “has banned the use of video or photo surveillance by our suppliers and has confirmed that Teleperformance does not use video surveillance for any of their teams that work with Apple.” Apple said it audited Teleperformance in Colombia this year and found no “core violations of our strict standards.”

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