Apple’s iPhone software with a breathtaking new data protection feature


The upcoming iOS update from Apple, iOS 15, will be presented at the iPhone maker’s WWDC conference on June 7th. As expected, the rumor mill is in full swing and it looks like Apple will continue to build on privacy issues last September on iOS 14 with the introduction of a stunning new feature.


According to Bloomberg, iOS 15 will include a new menu that will show you which apps are silently collecting your iPhone data. “As Apple has been increasing the privacy of its devices in recent years, thousands of apps have been identified that use dedicated trackers that can collect and share data such as phone numbers and location. The new feature is supposed to reduce that, “says the article.

This indicates that the new iOS 15 privacy menu builds on the feature introduced in iOS 14.5, the long-awaited app tracking transparency, which requires opt-in authorization for tracking on your iPhone. It also builds on the iPhone privacy labels introduced last year in an earlier version of iOS 14 that show you the data each app is collecting so you can decide whether to download it.

Apple has been using privacy as a selling point since iOS 13, and iOS 14 has expanded this with a number of updates aimed at making data collection and tracking on the iPhone more transparent. Apple’s advertising campaigns have also really focused on privacy lately, making it clearer what happens to the data you share using iPhone apps.

So what’s next for iPhone privacy in iOS 15? For now, details are sparse, but more will be revealed on June 7th, so check out this section.

Apple’s iPhone privacy push has been impressive so far, but there are a few more things I’d see in iOS 15. Next to the menu, it would be great to see more transparency about who and how is tracking people in iOS 15, and more differentiation between tracking and data collection, which of course are not the same.

In the meantime, it would be good to see Apple being a little more open with the data it collects through its own apps, and putting that information more at the center of its iPhone operating system.

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