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Aurangabad Rural Sp Tells Eow to Support 30-30 Scam Probe | Aurangabad News

Aurangabad: Given the seriousness and scale of the alleged 30-30 scam, Aurangabad Police Rural Superintendent Nimit Goyal has ordered the Economic Crimes Wing (EOW) to resume the investigation into the case which was registered at the Bidkin police station.
The 30-30 scam concerns an investment plan that supposedly promised a monthly return on investment of 30%.
Based on a complaint filed by a certain Daulat Rathod, Bidkin Police had recorded a case of cheating and criminal breach of trust, and under the relevant sections of the Depositors Interest Protection Act of Maharashtra (in financial institutions). The police arrested the main defendant Santosh Rathod on January 21. The next day he was brought to court in Paithan and held in custody for three days. At the end of his period of custody, the court extended his detention for another seven days (until January 31).
Daulat Rathod claims to have invested Rs 33 lakh in the alleged Ponzi scheme. Of this amount, he had transferred Rs 19 lakh directly to the accused’s account.
During the investigation, Santosh Rathod revealed that some diaries with records of money received as investment were kept with his friend Rajendra Pawar who resides in Satara district of Aurangabad city.
Goyal told TOI, “Many farmers, who had received large sums in compensation for land acquired for the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and Mumbai-Nagpur Samruddhi Super Highway projects, are the victims of this scam. presumed.”
He said the case needed a dedicated team to investigate the alleged scam and therefore the case was transferred to the EOW. The file will be monitored at the highest level.
Saying that three newspapers – seized from the friend of the arrested accused – have cash receipts totaling more than Rs 300 crore, Goyal added that the police were trying to find out the exact amount that had been invested by the farmers, commission the agents had received for acting as mediators between the defendant and the farmers, and the statements made by the defendant thus far.