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aurangabad: Tuition fee regulation committee not yet appointed as head | Aurangabad News

Aurangabad: The Aurangabad Divisional Fee Regulatory Committee (FRC) still has no chairperson even though the schools have been reopened.
While the pandemic situation and virtual learning for much of the academic year so far are likely to lead to fee-related issues, the panel in question has become a defunct body in the absence of a chief.
The state education department on June 7 last year had announced an FRC for Aurangabad and other divisions in light of the Maharashtra Educational Institutions Act 2011 (Regulation of costs).
Although the formation of crucial panels – after nearly a decade of the aforementioned legislation being enacted – has given students and parents some hope, Aurangabad’s divisional FRC has yet to take formal form.
Educational advisor Vivek Velankar said there should be no more official delay in activating the FRCs as an effective body that would serve the interests of parents.
“FRCs are immediate remedies available to aggrieved parents to resolve their fee issues. We have encountered situations where multiple parents and schools disagreed over fee issues during the current pandemic and more such disputes are likely to surface as offline classes resume,” he said. .
Anil Sable, assistant director of education for the Aurangabad division, said the state government was already informed of the need to appoint the chairperson of the divisional FRC.
“We have been told by state level authorities that the necessary Gazette notification could be published within the next fortnight declaring the name of the FRC Chairman for Aurangabad Division,” he said.
Maharashtra School Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad could not be reached for comment.