Cam Newton led Auburn Football to the top 10 years ago


Celebrate Auburn Football’s 10th anniversary with Fly War Eagle for its first national championship of the new millennium.

I wouldn’t recommend storming Toomer’s Corner now, or really storming anything. In the absence of large public gatherings in pubs and public places Flying war eagle wants you to enjoy your loved ones and those who are close to you as you celebrate the tenth anniversary of winning the Auburn Football National Championship against the Oregon Ducks.

If you could make it out of the pleasant tranquility of nature in the plains – 41 degrees sounds a lot nicer than freezing temperatures in the northeast – no one says you still can’t responsibly party with the community.

On the other hand, the NFL playoffs are one hell of a reason to stay indoors.

Anyway, congratulations Tiger! Today is a holy day in 334 when Auburn truly became one of ESPN’s favorites after winning the penultimate title game that aired on the network. That’s probably why Auburn Football still lands on ABC on New Years Day after playing 6-4 in 2020.

The Auburn State of Emergency began on that day in 2011. “All I do is win” also began that day a decade ago.

War Cam Newton also became a thing and lives on to this day.

Per, the Auburn Athletics official website, was Newton’s Heisman win in 2011 one of many amazing aspects this special team:

Auburn ended a 14-0 season in 2010 with an SEC championship and a BCS national championship. Quarterback Cam Newton won the school’s third Heisman Trophy while joining DT Nick Fairley and OL Lee Ziemba as an All-America selection. The Tigers defeated six ranked teams, including a 28:27 win over Alabama in Tuscaloosa after breaking a 24-0 Iron Bowl deficit.

This paragraph reads like a dream season, right up to the win against ‘Bama. Gene Chizik’s career was at its peak, and his Auburn football teams were mediocre at best and poorly fed at worst.

Newton led the Carolina Panthers to the 2016 Super Bowl, and his career has yet to depend on how great it could be.

Was Eagle and congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2010 National Champion Auburn Tigers!


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