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Cardinal Onaiyekan denounces APC for colossal nomination fees

The Catholic Archbishop Emeritus of Abuja, Cardinal John Onaiyekan, on Sunday chastised the country’s political class, saying they had deliberately strangled the country.

“As long as our political system is as it is, anything goes,” Mr Onaiyekan said during a mass to mark Father’s Day at the Holy Family Catholic Church Life Camp, Abuja.

“Obviously those who have shown interest in being president must be able to buy a form for 100 million naira in today’s Nigeria, and you obviously know the name of the game.

“It means if you’re not one of those kind of people, don’t even think about running Nigeria.

“Who told them that only the rich can rule Nigeria or that Nigeria’s problem is going to be solved by these people who are already very happy with the current situation?

“They’re not going to change anything for me and for you,” he said.

The notable cleric said most politicians now see politics as a means of grabbing state resources instead of providing a service to the people.

Mr Onaiyekan added that Nigeria is unlikely to change for the better “because those who should are the beneficiaries of the system we want to change.

“They don’t want to block the loopholes they normally use to get it.”

Despite the situation, the cleric said Nigerians must pray for a good person to be the president of the country in 2023.