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Caring: public participation can help improve the condition of migrants

People fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine will join the myriad others fleeing poverty and oppression to reach our self-proclaimed land of freedom and prosperity. Like those who came before them, they will encounter a country – two, in fact – that does not know what to do with them.

In all likelihood, the migrants are only focused on their arrival and have not thought about the conditions they will find upon arrival.

Fortunately, a more altruistic atmosphere is setting in for many officials, both in the United States and in Mexico, where many migrants stay while they apply to enter our country. In Reynosa, Senda de Vida II, part of the Migrant Coordination Committee, is building a shelter that promises to be better than previous encampments that lacked public services and security. The center promises to have dining rooms as well as a classroom to educate the children who stay there.

Unfortunately, Senda officials say they are struggling to complete the project. They lack resources such as lighting equipment and primary infrastructure. They might not be ready when the next big waves of migrants arrive.

The center is an acknowledgment that the flow of immigrants arriving at our border will not diminish anytime soon. But it is also an example of the problems that can arise when people rely too much on the government to meet immediate needs.

This is reminiscent of the reaction to similar problems that arose with regard to the construction of the border wall. When litigation, resource issues, and ultimately the change of administration slowed and then halted construction, interested parties took it upon themselves to move the project forward.

Perhaps a similar injection of private resources could help get Vida’s Senda project back on track, and perhaps even duplicate the effort in other places along the border. Modern financing systems facilitate such involvement.

Online fundraising networks allow interested individuals to offer donations of any size to help support benevolent causes and projects. An established and reputable organization, such as Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, might consider managing such a fund and using it to support private efforts that can augment any public effort to offer assistance to people who come together. at our doorstep.

Such an organization could also attract and help other groups that can further improve conditions in these shelters, such as Doctors Without Borders. Health screenings, vaccinations and other medical services may be all some immigrants need to secure passage to this country.

People have been brainwashed into leaving things to the government just because bureaucracies are created and taxes are levied. Sometimes, however, a helping hand from the private sector can help achieve goals better, faster and more efficiently.

Many people along the border and beyond have shown interest in the plight of those who seek to offer their talents and abilities in exchange for a new life in a country that respects individual rights. An organization that gives them a chance to help improve conditions for those seeking to enter our country.