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Carnival Cruise Line clears up confusion over fees

With interested guests concerned about BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster’s charges on the new Carnival Celebration, the cruise line has clarified the cost of the attraction as well as what the cost includes. BOLT first debuts on board Mardi Gras with great interestand an identical coaster is now open on board Carnival Celebration.

How much does BOLT cost?

BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster is a paid attraction aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Excel-class ships, Mardi Gras and Carnival Celebration.

The cost, confirmed by Carnival Cruise Line representatives, is $15 per passenger for each ride, which consists of two full laps around the roller coaster track.

As Carnival Celebration debuted in recent days, there was some initial confusion that BOLT was $19 aboard the new ship, but price confirmation was posted on the Carnival brand ambassador’s popular Facebook page. Cruise Line, John Heald.

“The charge is $15 on Mardi Gras and the celebration as well,” the clarification read in response to guest comments. “$15 for two rounds. »

Source of confusion

Confusion can be the result of several factors. Some YouTube tours and reviews of the new ship included information and discussion of BOLT, noting that the price could be $19, but without direct confirmation of signage, reservations, or receipts showing charges.

Speculation has considered the idea that the confusion could be related to different currencies, since Carnival Celebration first set sail from Finland, then began her maiden voyage of Southampton United Kingdom.

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If the currencies were listed as “15” in Euros (€), the official currency of Finland, or Pounds Sterling (£), the currency of the United Kingdom, the conversion to US dollars would be $15 and $17, respectively.

A screenshot of the Carnival Hub Apphowever, may have resolved the confusion.

When booking BOLT on board, information about the attraction is displayed. BOLT is on deck 19, and the way the information is listed, a dollar sign ($) proceeds directly to the location of the attraction’s deck “19 AFT”.

This display, if only taken a quick glance, might look like the cost is $19. The dollar sign on this line only indicates that the attraction costs extra, but $15 per person is clearly listed as the BOLT price on another line.

Carnival Cruise Line’s recent price increases, including the addition of a $5 fee for third course and more in the main dining rooms as well as double the pre-cruise price of bottled wateralert cruise lines to additional increases and additional fees.

Is BOLT worth the price?

BOLT is a unique attraction for cruise ships, the first and only roller coaster at sea. Both Mardi Gras and Carnival Celebration include the route, and the track length, layout, speed and journey time are the same on both vessels.

Carnival's BOLT Roller Coaster
Courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line

The ride accommodates two riders at a time, seated together like on a jet ski or motorcycle, and the front rider has speed controls to customize the riding experience.

For thrill seekers or roller coaster enthusiasts, BOLT is definitely worth a look. However, passengers with heart, back or neck problems, or passengers who may be pregnant or may experience motion sickness, are advised not to board.

All riders must also meet height, weight and other physical requirements to be able to ride BOLT safely. The ride will also close during inclement weather when wind, rain, or ship motion could affect its operation.

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