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Charge dismissed against Woodstock attorney accused of vandalizing sheriff’s campaign signs – Shaw Local

A McHenry County judge has dismissed a charge against a Woodstock attorney accused of damaging campaign signs for a candidate vying to be the county’s next cop, county courthouse filings show. by McHenry.

McHenry County Judge Mary Nader dismissed a felony misdemeanor charge of property damage under $500 against 56-year-old Robert Hanlon.

In his motion, which the judge granted on June 6, Special Prosecutor Dave Neal wrote that while there are likely grounds to charge Hanlon with putting stickers on signs in favor of Republican Sheriff nominee Tony Colatorti , it is not in the “best interests of justice”. to proceed with a trial on the merits of this matter before a judge or jury”.

Colatorti, an Algonquin restaurant owner and former Holiday Hills and Prairie Grove police chief, is running in the GOP primary against McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Robb Tadelman. The primary election is June 28 and early voting is underway.

Neal wrote that Crystal Lake police were cooperative and professional during the investigation that led to Hanlon’s arrest, which included providing video footage.

The judge “properly” considered all the evidence presented when issuing a warrant for Hanlon’s arrest “on the basis of probable grounds to believe that a crime has been committed and that Robert Hanlon is responsible for the commission of this offence”.

Hanlon was charged with placing stickers on a Colatorti campaign sign in the parking lot of a Marathon gas station in Crystal Lake on Jan. 29, according to the motion.

However, Neal wrote, although there is probable cause that has occurred, it is “questionable” whether the charge could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal case. It has yet to consider whether there is enough evidence to prove the burden of proof in a civil case, he wrote.

“The Special Prosecutor reviewed the impact of a criminal trial on the McHenry County court system, the impact of a trial on the Crystal Lake Police Department, the need to subpoena several private citizens and the impact on these citizens, and the potential to disrupt the lives of jurors in McHenry County, in order to proceed with a trial based on the facts specific to this case,” Neal said in the motion.

Hanlon was charged with “damaging numerous campaign signs located at 770 S. Virginia Road” promoting Colatorti, according to the criminal complaint.

Colatorti said stickers were put on more than a dozen of its signs in Crystal Lake, Woodstock, Algonquin and Lake in the Hills.

“Police had very clear video showing Mr. Hanlon damaging our signs, which led to his arrest,” Colatorti said. “What the court decides to do with his case is up to them and not us.”

At the time of his arrest, Tadelman condemned Hanlon’s alleged actions and said Hanlon “played no role in my campaign” other than donating, which was fully refunded. Tadelman also said his campaign would no longer accept donations from Hanlon.

He then urged everyone to be respectful going forward.

Despite this plea, on Friday each candidate said they had seen their signs vandalized in recent weeks. Tadelman and Colatorti said their campaign signs were painted with anti-government symbols and sentiments.

Attempts to reach Hanlon’s attorney on Monday were unsuccessful.