Interest fee

City hopes to improve efficiency with electronic overdue notices

Libby City Council voted Nov. 3 to change its water system rules and regulations in hopes of improving profitability.

The resolution allows the city to be able to send out electronic delinquency notices instead of door hangers, if possible, to make it more cost effective.

According to the city, an average of 160 overdue door hangers are hung by the water meter team each month. With advancements in technology and computer system capabilities, this will help save time and material expense.

Mayor Peggy Williams said it’s in the best interest of the city and taxpayers that rules and regulations are reviewed regularly.

City Council voted to approve Resolution 2009, an amendment to the City of Libby’s Water Rules and Regulations. The change was made specifically to Rule 16, No. 5.

The rule states that when payment becomes overdue, the water utility must give notice.

The department will share by one or more of the following means, including voice mail, text or email if the consumer has shared electronic information.

Or they’ll put a notice in a prominent place, Williams said.

The water utility will charge a $10 late fee, which has been in place since 2001.

If the consumer has not fully remedied the default within 14 days of notice, the water utility will notify the customer that the water will be turned off within three business days, Williams said.

The water utility is not responsible if a customer does not see the electronic or written notice, or for the disappearance of a physical notice from the customer’s view.

The resolution was adopted unanimously.