Cops say Oklahoma Man traveled to AC for sex with young girls


An Oklahoma man was charged by a grand jury for traveling to New Jersey from Oklahoma “to meet two men who had offered him access to two underage girls”.

Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal In reality, the man had to do with the undercover New Jersey State Police and members of the US Homeland Security.

Aaron D. Craiger, 34, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was charged with the following charges:

  • Conspiracy to commit human trafficking (1st degree)
  • Lure / lure a child (2nd degree)
  • Attempted exacerbated sexual assault (two counts, 2nd degree)
  • Attempt to affect / disappoint a child’s morale (two counts, 3rd degree)
  • Distribution of material on child sexual abuse (2nd degree)
  • Possession of material about child sexual abuse (3rd degree)

The Attorney General According to Craiger, he was arrested on March 18 at a motel in Atlantic City, where he was staying after traveling by bus from Oklahoma. “He reportedly planned to meet the two men that day so he could sexually assault the underage victims. Craiger allegedly believed that one of the men would bring his 12-year-old daughter to have sex, and the second man would be 11 One-year-old daughter Craiger brought condoms and a small amount of marijuana that he allegedly wanted to smoke with the girls, and while texting the undercover detectives, Craiger allegedly described the sexual acts he was attempting to perform with the girls. He allegedly sent them child sexual abuse material and child sexual abuse material was found on his phone when he was arrested. “

New Jersey State Police superintendent Col. Patrick J. Callahan said, “Craiger has reportedly gone to great lengths to sexually assault two young girls, but law enforcement will go to greater lengths to arrest dangerous child robbers and ensure they are held accountable for their crimes. We continue to seek to work with our law enforcement partners, educational institutions, and our communities to keep New Jersey children safe. “

SOURCE: New Jersey Attorney General

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