Forgot your Apple ID password? This iOS 15 trick can help


Setting up an account recovery contact is the first thing you should do when iOS 15 is released.

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Forgetting your Apple ID password is a frustration that is similar to losing your car keys. The password, like your keys, unlocks access to something important: yours iCloud account, and in turn all of your Apple devices, including yours iPhone. Enter your password incorrectly a few times and you will be locked, which means you will have to contact Apple Support for help.

Apple releases iOS 15 today – after the unveiling of the new iPhone 13 series at the tech giant’s virtual autumn event last week – and it adds a feature to your iPhone that makes it as easy for you to access your account again, like calling a family member or your best friend. The new feature called Account Recovery allows you to select a contact (or multiple contacts) that you trust, who can then give you a special code to unlock your account. It’s pretty cool and a lot easier than the current method.

Before the official release, Apple offered the Public betas for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 for everyone who has a compatible device to test the new operating systems. Here’s how we tried the account recovery feature. If you are installing iOS 15, here’s what you need to do to add a trusted account recovery contact.

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Select a trusted contact (s) to restore your account

Before you can set up account recovery, all of your Apple devices, whether Mac, iPad, or iPhone, must be running the latest version of Apple software. In this case, these are MacOS Monterey, iPadOS 15 or iOS 15.

Once all of your devices have the latest software installed, select your recovery contact (s) for account recovery by following these steps.

Open that settings App and tap your name at the top of the screen. Next, choose Password & security > Account recovery > Add a recovery contact. A page will open that describes exactly what the contact can see or do with your account (spoilers: they never have access to your iCloud account) and briefly describes what to do if you are ever banned will be out of your account. Tap Add a recovery contact at the bottom of the screen to continue. Enter your Apple ID password when prompted, then follow the rest of the instructions to select your recovery contacts.


A recovery contact is the key to unlocking your iCloud account or Apple ID if you forget your password.

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What to do if you get locked out of your Apple ID or iCloud account

If you get locked out of your account, you will need to use your iPhone to call one of your account recovery contacts. Your contact will then give you a short code that they can access directly on their iPhone, which you then need to enter to unlock your account.

Once your account is unlocked, you will be asked to create a new password. Instead of leaving it to your memory or choosing a simple password, think You will remember, I suggest a. to use Password manager app. It creates a strong password for you, saves it, and even gives it one when prompted.

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