Free ‘REvil’ decryption software will be available to people whose computers are encrypted before July 13th


The REvil ransomware hit many users around the world, especially when it hit Kaseya in the past few months. The usual mode of action by the gang behind the REvil attack is to have the victim pay the ransom before the group decrypts the system.

Now BitDefender has released a free decryption tool for the victims previously affected by REvil malware.

Free decryption tool for REvil ransomware

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For those users who were affected by the previous REvil ransomware attacks, you can use a free decryption tool from Bitdefender.

Dealing with malware, as in the case of REvil, could be difficult for users with little to no knowledge of how to use it.

The ransomware gang REvil is notorious for forcing its victims to pay appropriate cash in exchange for a master decryption tool for their computers.

Cybersecurity company Bitdefender has confirmed that it has released the latest decryption software for REvil.

The good news is that victims can get it for free.

Bitdefender made this possible with the help of an unknown law enforcement agency. When the company, headquartered in Romania, was asked for the specific name of its employee, it declined to comment.

The company did not agree to a free master decryption key for all REvil victims. It just said there was an ongoing investigation into the malware.

REvil decryption software could be used by the individuals affected by the malware, but there is a catch. Those who have their computers encrypted with the malware before July 13th should be able to use it.

Bitdefender warns users of recurring REVil attacks

Bitdefender announced that REvil’s ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) operator could possibly be from a CIS state, according to a report by SlashGear on Friday, September 17th.

In addition, the dangerous malware started in 2019 when it became a GandCrab proxy ransomware that no longer existed.

However, the attacks associated with this malware have reportedly taken place again.

Most importantly, the REvil ransomware is hiding in the depths of the dark web to infect many technology companies.

You can download Bitdefender’s free decryption software.

You can also download the PDF file with the step-by-step guide on how to use ReVil ransomware decryption tool.

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What happened during the Kaseya cyber attack

In early July, a well-known IT security and management company, Kaseya, was hit by an unprecedented attack by REvil. Back then, the company encouraged its customers to shut down their VSA servers immediately.

According to Huntress Labs’ findings, there were almost 200 organizations that were affected by the said ransomware.

The Russian hackers managed to spread the infection through various systems.

In addition to Bitdefender, a Fonix administrator shared a free master decryption key for the victims of the Fonix ransomware. The details were discovered in a Twitter post.

The admin later said that another group admin behind the Telegram channel was responsible for the scam.

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