#FreeBritney and Cam Girls: What I Loved This Week


Still from “Oops! … I did it again” and PVT chat. Photo courtesy Dark Star Pictures

In iD Loves, we look back at the last seven days on our calendar and identify the parts that best represent the current moment. Whatever your mood is in for this weekend – a piece of thought about the media’s treatment of Britney Spears or an exploration of the portrayal of PVT chat online sex work by real cam girls – we have it all for you. Here’s what iD loved this week.

We asked cam girls to check out PVT Chat

The new film with Uncut gemstones‘Julia Fox, titled PVT chat, follows a man as he enters an obsessive state who is in love with an online cam girl. With films about digital sex work and online communication becoming more common overall, we wanted to know how realistic Julia Fox’s portrayal of dominatrix is, so we spoke to a trio of cam girls about it. Read their findings here. view https://www.livecamlink.com/

Lockdown has sparked new creativity in the Philippines

For the past 12 months, we’ve done an in-depth look at the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on creative communities around the world, from fashion students to musicians. Next we travel to the Philippines to find out how the lives of the artists who live there have changed. You can read more about her artistic responses to isolation and social distancing here.

The TikTok communists are demanding hammer and sickle back

On TikTok, the symbol that was historically associated with Stalinism and its regime is being reworked by Gen Z. Whether tattoos or eyeliner to pay homage to the hammer and sickle, its connotations become more progressive and uniform. But how do you do it? Go here to find out.

From Shanghai a hundred smile to brighten your day

Discourages the stoicism often associated with editorial fashion photography, Imagemaker Wei Huan and art director Li Bo have made 100 smiles, a partly fashionable, partly documentary series that captures the bright spirit of Shanghai through everyone’s toothy grin. Take a look at the happy pictures and read about the series here.

The comeback of Juicy Couture is sexy af

Just when you thought the era of nostalgia of the 00s is coming to an end, Juicy Couture comes up with a brand new collection that has been amazingly rejuvenated for 2021. Those who expect their return to be based on nothing but our paging for the past will be surprised. Today’s Juicy Couture has a lot more to offer. Get information here.

Will we ever learn from the way we treated Britney Spears?

This week’s discourse has rightly been dominated by Britney Spears and her struggle to overturn a decade-long conservatory that apparently allowed her father to remain in control of her finances and professional decisions. From the back of a documentary by Hulu and The New York Times Unwrapping the most triumphant and tragic moments in Britney’s life, Grace Medford reflected on how media treatment – and the ensuing music industry inaction – had created a scarring blueprint for modern celebrity glee. Read them here.

Some great Valentine’s Day movies, why not?

Sunday brings us the first (and hopefully last) Valentine’s Day of the great Panasonic that changed our whole life forever. If you’re single (or separated from your partner) and craving a bit of knowledge but want to get rid of your stones in a more “high profile” way, why not do one of these sexy art house movies? one try? Trust us when they say that actual pornography in a two-hour Gaspar Noé film has nothing to say about a ménage à trois in Paris … in 3D. Read all about it here and enjoy!

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