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HC judge hires a lawyer for her allegation of ‘bias’ against the court

Taking serious notice of the “reckless” allegations of “bias” made against a judge, Judge Anuja Prabhudessai of the Bombay High Court arrested lawyer Anjali Patil for her “unprofessional” and “unbecoming” conduct, saying that the lawyer as the officer of the court should maintain the dignity and decorum of the Court and that “there is no room for arrogance and there is no license to intimidate the Court “.

In a rare rebuke that came after Patil alleged the court was unfair and biased in its approach and threatened to file a complaint against the judge with the Chief Justice of the High Court, the Judge Prabhudessai noted in his two-page order that the lawyer concerned “grossly overstepped the bounds of propriety when making accusations of bias and unfairness in open court. Conduct was highly unprofessional and unbecoming of a lawyer”

“It should be kept in mind that launching slanderous slanders not only has the inevitable effect of undermining public confidence in the judiciary, but also tends to interfere with the administration of justice,” Judge Prabhudessai said. in his transmitted written order. April 19.

Disapproving of the manner in which Patil – who had requested the urgent airing of a bail application – conducted himself in open court when the court asked if there was any urgency to take the case out of his In turn, the judge noted that counsel “went totally off the tangent and alleging that this Court prioritizes certain issues and certain counsel and thereby insinuating that the Court was unfair and biased.”

Recording the “unprofessional” conduct of the lawyer concerned, the judge said: “She (the lawyer) also complained that litigants are not getting justice from the Court. She continued the tirade in the full presence of litigants and lawyers without allowing the Court to pursue the current case or deal with other cases.

“She (the lawyer) further threatened to file a complaint before the Honorable Chief Justice regarding the conduct of this Court and further requested time to record the facts in an affidavit,” the judge said. Prabhudessai.

In her decision, Judge Prabhudessai observed: “The lawyer has every right to protect the interests of his clients. A solicitor is accountable to his clients and a solicitor’s frustration when the case is adjourned for any reason or does not reach counsel is understandable”.

“At the same time, a lawyer as an officer of the court has an obligation to maintain the dignity and decorum of the Court. There is no room for arrogance and there is no license to intimidate the Court, make reckless accusations and allegations against a judge and pollute the very fountain of justice,” the judge noted. .