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Here’s how to get stimulus check money in 2022

The Internal Revenue Service may have declared that everyone $1,400 stimulus checks approved through President Joe Biden’s US bailout have been issued to eligible Americans, but that doesn’t mean taxpayers can’t get their hands on more of these government-issued stimulus payments.

According to the personal finance website Kiplinger“If you didn’t receive a third stimulus check because you didn’t file a 2019 or 2020 tax return, you can still request a payment when you file a 2021 tax return.”

The website goes on to mention that “if you had a baby in 2021, you can get the extra $1,400 per dependent for the child that was missing on the third stimulus check payment last year. You may also be eligible for a stimulus check when you file your 2021 tax return if you have experienced other recent changes in your family (for example, you got married or divorced) or your financial situation (for example, you lost your job).

Focus on Recovery Rebate Credit

The secret to getting those stimulus checks in your mailbox is to use the ultra-convenient Salvage rebate credit.

“If you are not eligible for a third economic impact payment or have received less than the full amount, you may be eligible to claim the 2021 recovery refund credit based on your tax year information. taxation 2021″, indicates the IRS on its website. “If you are eligible, you will have to file a 2021 tax return even if you do not generally file a tax return. Your 2021 recovery rebate credit will reduce any tax you owe for 2021 or be included in your tax refund.

Taxpayers should also be on the lookout for Letter 6475 from the IRS, which will help filers determine if they owe more money and if they are eligible to claim the recovery rebate credit on their tax return.

After determining the total amount of the recapture rebate credit, the IRS indicates on its website that stimulus money” can be deposited directly into your financial account. You can use a bank account, prepaid debit card, or other financial products for your direct deposit. You will need to provide routing and account numbers.

Tax return deadline

Kiplinger also noted that taxpayers will have a few extra days to file their tax returns this year, but that doesn’t mean they have to wait until the last minute. “For most people, tax returns are due by April 18 This year. So you still have plenty of time, but why wait – the sooner you file, the sooner you will receive your stimulus check payment,” the website said.

“We also recommend filing electronically and requesting any refunds by direct deposit. It’s still the best way to get your refund fast, but it’s especially important this year since the IRS is still backed by millions of paper returns it couldn’t access last year,” concludes -he.

Ethen Kim Lieser is a Washington State-based science and technology editor who has held positions at Google, The Korea Herald, Lincoln Journal Star, AsianWeek, and Arirang TV. Follow him or contact him on LinkedIn.

Picture: Reuters.