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Himachal Pradesh: Anurag Thakur slams Cong for ‘indictment card’ plan, expresses confidence in BJP poll outlook

Union Minister Anurag Thakur said on Saturday that Congress had no moral authority to bring an “indictment” against the ruling BJP in Himachal Pradesh.

Responding to Congress’ plans to present an “indictment card” highlighting alleged instances of bad governance during the BJP’s five-year rule, Thakur expressed his confidence in the saffron party, saying, “Double engine ki gaadi , Bhajpa sang Pahadi (Pahadi people support BJP’s dual engine government).

Congress Billing Card. (Express photo)

“The job was created during the Atal Bihari era and during the tenure of the previous BJP government. In the days of Congress, there was no pandemic or supply chain disruption, but they could not create jobs for the people. They have no authority to ask us about job creation,” Thakur said during a press interaction in Shimla.

“Congress is no one to question us. Their own leaders are plagued by corruption. Their national leadership is out on bail. They have no moral authority to issue an indictment,” Thakur added.

Asked about reports of rebellion over ticket distribution within the BJP, the leader said it was a common issue during elections and the party was confident there would be no major ramifications.

“In any election, there are problems with the distribution of tickets. Several leaders think they should contest the elections. In Himachal, people generally believe that they should fight from their usual seat. While in other parts of the country, the seats are often changed. All decisions are made in the interests of the party and to win the elections,” Thakur said.

Regarding the “denial” of a ticket to former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal, Thakur said he had already decided not to contest but would continue to help the party in its campaign.

Notably, the BJP was carrying out an intensive sensitization campaign to dissuade rebel candidates from fighting as independents. According to party sources, rebel candidate Kullu Maheshwar Singh was convinced by the BJP high command to withdraw his nomination as an independent candidate.