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How is WWE’s newest rookie Rob Fee connected to Bray Wyatt?

The latest reports from Fightful Select have seemingly bolstered the odds of Bray Wyatt’s rumored return to WWE. The outlet reported that Rob Fee was recently named the new long-term creative director. The decision comes amid rumors of Wyatt being the White Rabbit, sparking interest from fans.

Rob Fee is an accomplished writer as he has written several comics for Marvel characters including Daredevil, Spider-Man, and The Avengers. He also specializes in the horror genre and has scripted several shows for the Netflix streaming service.

Fee considers himself a big wrestling fan as he apparently keeps up to date with WWE product. In fact, recent White Rabbit teasers may be part of his work with the Stamford-based promotion, according to the aforementioned report.

It was earlier reported that most of the creative team was not part of the White Rabbit project, and more recent sources point to Rob Fee as the mastermind behind the saga.

“We’ve been told that one of Fee’s first projects with WWE was directing and producing the encrypted QR code messages we’ve seen on TV for the past few weeks that have generated incredible excitement,” reported Fightful.

To make things more interesting, Fee is also good friends with Bray Wyatt. Their bond was broken in a photo when the former WWE Superstar attended the wedding of the famous writer and his now wife, Arianna Basseri.

Fightful also noted that it previously debuted a horror movie starring Wyatt’s alter-ego, The Fiend. The release time for the film was supposed to be August 2021. However, Bray Wyatt’s premature exit last July was the possible reason why the plan never materialized.

With the ability to direct exciting projects and script long-term storylines, the world of pro wrestling stands to benefit immensely from the inclusion of Rob Fee.

Is Bray Wyatt behind the White Rabbit teasing in WWE?

A lot of White Rabbit speculation apparently relates to the supposed return of Bray Wyatt. Eagle-eyed fans spotted various clues related to his return to WWE, and Rob Fee’s potential role behind the White Rabbit saga added to the curiosity.

The final clues that lead to Bray Wyatt’s path are the code 19/11 and the image of a wolf. The latter is a tattoo Wyatt has on his chest, while the numbers are reminiscent of a hat he wore during his Firefly Funhouse segments.

There are many rumors that the White Rabbit will appear at Extreme Rules. Fans are already eager to see The Fiend potentially step out of the shadows and make speculation come to life. Bray Wyatt was also seen training recently, adding to the belief that he is behind the enigma.

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