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How to Start a Gaming Blog in 2022 and Make Money

How to Start a Gaming Blog in 2022 and Make Money

How to start a gaming blog in 2022 and make money. The gaming industry is growing in strength and interest from both niche and mainstream, especially with the growing popularity of esports. This era is the perfect time to start your gaming blog.

For some people a gaming blog can mean a new career, for others it’s the chance to build a hobby out of their passions.

Steps to Start a Gaming Blog

  1. Make a plan – choose your niche
  2. Buy a domain name
  3. Buy web hosting
  4. Affiliate links
  5. Publish quality content
  6. Focus on blog personalization
  7. Launch your gaming blog

Make a plan – choose your niche

Take the time now to jot down all your ideas on paper. This will help you avoid distractions. There are around 3 billion active gamers in the world, so a gaming blog can gain a large following. But, trying to appeal to such a large audience is tricky.

By choosing a particular niche or gaming category, you can publish the most relevant content to your audience and provide blog visitors with a meaningful experience. Whether you focus on specific consoles or platforms, you need to narrow down the audience which also allows you to create content about the aspects of the game you enjoy the most.

Buy a domain name

The next step in this process is to start your blog by registering your domain name. Your domain name is your web address or URL.

Buy web hosting

The next important step is to buy web hosting. This is where your content is supposed to be stored or hosted. When your domain name and hosting are connected, your visitors will be able to view your blog and savor and enjoy your content.

Affiliate links

Many innovative discoveries have came to life thanks to the internet and online browsing and shopping is one of them. With billions of money being spent through the internet, displaying affiliate links on your gaming blog can be a smart way to introduce your users to your great gaming products and monetize your blog.

Publish quality content

Whatever niche you focus on, providing engaging and informative content to your users is very important. You can create a content calendar as it is a good way to strategize and come up with fresh new ideas. In addition to helping structure content posts, a calendar will make it easy and easy to see if you’re covering certain topics too frequently.

Focus on blog personalization

Customize your website to match your brand, appeal to your audience, and look the way you want your blog to look.

  • Install a custom theme – It’s a great idea to invest in a third-party theme if your budget allows.
  • Install Plugins – You can install plugins to add extra features to your blog to promote it.
  • Brand Your Blog – After the theme and plugins, it’s time to customize the look of your blog. Small changes like changing your theme colors to match your logo colors can help create a more “branded”, balanced, and engaging presence.

Launch your gaming blog

As your gaming blog looks professional with a handful of articles and a blog post schedule ready to be published, it’s time to launch your gaming blog.