How to Use the Mac OS Keychain Effectively


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With almost 100 million active Mac users worldwide, Apple’s strength lies in its mobile devices. But as with any device that uses the Internet, there are security flaws that criminals can exploit. When we become more technology dependent, we see Internet Crime Increase almost exponential. Even companies like Apple struggle to create truly impenetrable layers of security. To create a more secure online presence, they created the keychain.

What is the Mac keychain?

According to new research, the average person has 100 passwords recall. And the best way to manage the wealth of passwords – is a password manager. Developed by Apple for macOS and iOS systems, the keychain is a password manager for storing a wide variety of data, including passwords, private keys, and other personal information.

The keychain can auto-fill passwords on websites, generate strong passwords, and measure the strength of your current passwords. Since it’s running in the background, you may not even notice it.

Why use it

The keychain not only helps you to keep an eye on all your passwords – and to remember them so that you don’t have to, but also offers many advantages that ensure your security on the Internet. In addition to storing your passwords, the keychain can help you create new ones. If you intend to use your own passwords, it will also tell you whether they are strong and help you avoid weak passwords.

The Mac OS keychain also uses end-to-end encryption, meaning no one else can read it – not even Apple. Not only does the keychain protect your passwords, but it can also keep additional notes and details in secure notes.

How can you make it safer?

One of the great things about keychain is that it provides continuous monitoring of data breaches. However, the keychain is a common target for hackers because many users store a lot of sensitive information there, sometimes without even realizing it.

Apple products are loved all over the world because they are all synced with each other. However, because the Apple keychain syncs automatically too, if your account on a device is hacked, the hacker can access your keychain and find your other passwords.

An easy way to combat these issues and create an extra layer of impenetrable security is using a VPN for Mac. When you connect to a network, the VPN masks your IP address, making it difficult for hackers to find your keyring.

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