I need software to convert video (audio) to a transcription of spoken words.


I am looking for a specific role. At my university, the professor records his lectures and uploads the videos to his website. On the website he has some kind of software that converts his spoken words into transcripts in real time. He made it clear that instead of writing the transcript, the software analyzed the sound and constructed the transcript from his spoken words.

This professor has created his own custom website using this feature. Other professors only record their lectures and upload them to the university’s cloud server without further processing. Then I have to download their lectures from the server and watch the videos locally on my PC. So the other professors don’t use such software and probably don’t know how to set it up either.

I find that I learn much better when there is a transcript because English is my second language. Sometimes it is difficult to listen, especially when people are speaking quickly and have non-standard (black African) accents. I have to rewind the video several times to understand what they are saying. Where like here I can just watch the video and if a spoken word is unclear the transcript will indicate it, or if the transcript is incorrect I can make an educated guess based on the context.

I download the lectures of the other professors from the university’s cloud server to my PC. ** I am looking for software that can enter the video file (mp3) locally and generate a complete transcript **. This software should only run locally on the PC; it should not send the data to a server for processing. It should only work on the PC without an internet connection. It can be a little slow, like 10 minutes for a 30 minute lecture, but that’s fine as I only get the transcript once. And above all, it should be free or open source software that can run on Windows and / or Linux.


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