Interest fee

IggyBoy’s gas cost savings before Sunday’s Mint and WLing’s closing in a few hours.

IggyBoy will sell out fast on Sunday, and the developers recently announced a few updates worth noting.

Low petrol costs for mint

Gas fees for ETH-based NFTs are an ongoing topic of conversation for many speculators and investors; they are widely considered too high. The IggyBoy team had taken steps to save gas by implementing an ERC275A smart contract and their efforts were successful. Gas charges for minting a single NFT are reduced, but more importantly, the cost of minting multiple NFTs in a transaction would be essentially the same as minting just one. For example, if the fees for one NFT total a value of $25, the fees for five NFTs minted in a single transaction would be lower than what individual transactions would deserve.

Limited whitelist points available

IggyBoy’s whitelisting process saw two stages back and forth. Right now there are barely 400 limited places left and the strike date is getting closer. To be precise, the collection is set to go live on February 20, and the creators of the collection are offering future owners one last chance to join the whitelist.

Beyond the whitelist, however, there are other rewards available in this last-ditch promo. Climb on it; the clock is turning.

Is the IggyBoy project legit?

There have been some high profile NFT scams. Social media is also full of claims that NFTs are scams because they have no value. This is not the case with the IggyBoy collection. This exclusive NFT was designed to possess utility in the Metaverse. The creators have made their roadmap available on the project’s discord server.
A quick look at the roadmap shows that this NFT collection is just one step in a much larger journey, and the drivers of the journey are determined to avoid any misconceptions or misunderstandings from getting in the way of their plans. . In light of this, their website is very detailed on the usefulness of the upcoming collection. They are also very transparent, regularly posting updates and promises on their discord.

More recently, they have started hosting AMAs with their community, providing answers to questions and issues posed by community members.


As stated earlier, the developers of the IggyBoy collection are not closed on the project and they regularly share updates and promises they make to their community members. Some of these promises are:

  • A promise to cash back the mint price to buyers of over 200 NFTs.
  • A deal with Twitter promoters/influencers to increase the reach of successful sales ads
  • A promise to partner with media channels to help distribute PR articles. Targeted channels include Bloomberg, Nasdaq, The Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, etc.
  • A promise to buy banner ads in a popular location to generate more interest in future related projects

There is no reason to doubt the veracity of these promises. In fact, some of them have already been filled, and the team seems to be trying hard to fill the others as well.

IggyLady and Symbiosis NFT Collections

When I mentioned future related projects, I wasn’t just guessing at the plans of the IggyBoy developers. Details of their plans are present in their roadmap and within the year it is expected that new NFT collections will be released as part of their ultimate vUniversum goal. The first collection after IggyBoy would be the IggyLady collection. Owning an IggyBoy should increase the chances of winning an IggyLady. The NFTs from the two collections can then be crossed to form those of the Symbiosis NFT collection. More information on this could be obtained by joining the Discord community and accessing the roadmap.

There is literally no time to waste on this project. Limited whitelist spots are available (on a first-come, first-served basis) and this is the last call for attendees to claim their entitlement. Take the opportunity and join us in hitting this Sunday. Ciao!

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