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Jharkhand Congress official says party ready with 2024 roadmap for state

New Delhi, March 6 (IANS): The Congress party unit in Jharkhand has prepared a roadmap for the 2024 elections in Lok Sabha.

Speaking to IANS, Congress Secretary General and Jharkhand official Avinash Pande said the party has decided to set up a coordination committee in the state to harmonize with the government led by Hemant Soren and was working on the recovery plan.

In order to strengthen the party ahead of the 2024 elections, a grassroots exercise and a roadmap for the next 100 days have been prepared. Work on how to implement statements related to the manifesto is currently underway, he said.

Q: You were appointed in charge of Jharkhand Congress a month ago. What has been done in the last month and what is the roadmap for the future?

A: Over the past month, our party has held many district-level meetings in Jharkhand and held a Chintan Shivir (Governance Improvement Discussion Forum). Now the party has prepared a roadmap for 100 days which was launched from March 5. These “five division conferences” will be held in different districts until March 13.

We start with Hazaribagh then move on to Dumka, Ranchi, Daltonganj and Jamshedpur districts. It is organized for better communication in the organization, so that the 2024 elections can take a new direction. Regional conferences are held to implement the essence that has emerged in ‘Chintan Shivir’.

Q: In Rajasthan and Gujarat, the Congress party, before the state budget, organized camps similar to those in Jharkhand. You were in charge of the party in Rajasthan and now you are in charge of the Jharkhand Congress. In your opinion, which state presented a better budget?

A: You see, when the Gehlot government presented the budget, I said it was good and historic. The government has proposed an ideal budget for a developing state. The dynamics of the economy and health had come to a halt during the Covid-19 pandemic. With this in mind, the budget was presented for the benefit of ordinary people. Like the Congress manifesto, it promised an urban employment guarantee program modeled on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA).

Q: Since the meetings are held frequently, is there a possibility that the Congress will reshuffle the cabinet in Jharkhand?

A: There is a coalition government in Jharkhand. Four Congress party ministers serve in Jharkhand’s cabinet. Certainly their work will be reviewed in the future and after evaluation, if there is a margin of improvement for the performance of our party, then these ministers will be changed, definitively. After the meetings, Congress will first form several state-level coordinating committees. Further review will take place after that.

Q: What is the relationship between the Congress and the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) party at present? To what extent is the government of Jharkhand contributing to the full implementation of the manifesto of the Congress party, which was formed under the common minimum agenda?

A: We have worked as an alliance in the state for several years. Many projects have been launched together, promises made to ordinary people have been kept. Therefore, we are confident that we will prove to be a successful alliance and will also continue to work together in the future.

It is also possible that the Congress will fight the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in alliance with the JMM. We are together now, so fighting together will make sense. But it wouldn’t be fair to comment on that now. If Congress is strong on the ground, the alliance will also be strong.

Q: Indian citizens, especially students, who are stranded in Ukraine, came to the border from other countries fighting several adverse situations, after which they were evacuated from there. Is the Jharkhand Congress or as the country’s main opposition taking action to ensure their safety?

A: I am very sad that Indian citizens have to struggle so much. Despite its preliminary estimate, the right measures were not taken in time by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It’s very painful. As a responsible opposition, the Congress gives its full support to the Centre.

Wherever the central government needs the cooperation and assistance of the Congress, the party is ready to help responsibly. My deepest condolences to the Indian citizens stranded there. I will appeal to the Center to bring them back by all means.