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Live news: UK government to ‘re-examine’ Channel 4 privatization case

Dozens of Hong Kong citizens who gathered outside the city’s British consulate to attend the Queen’s funeral on Monday evening used the event to display rare public defiance of local authorities.

More than 100 people were outside the building to watch the event live, although the British Consulate is not holding any public funeral events.

At one point, a number of attendees sang the de facto anthem of the 2019 pro-democracy protests, “Glory to Hong Kong”, phrases of which are now seen as a possible violation of the sweeping national security law. imposed by Beijing.

They also chanted “Hong Kongers, add oil”, which was one of the popular protest slogans during the 2019 protests. Police took away a man who was playing a harmonica version of “Glory to Hong Kong”, but he there was no confirmation that he had been arrested.

Such public displays of protest songs and slogans are rarely seen in the city after many were arrested for breaches of the security law, introduced following the protests.

Also on Monday, police brought charges of obstructing a police officer against the head of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, just days before his planned trip to the UK on a journalism fellowship.

Ronson Chan, deputy editor of online outlet Channel C HK, was arrested nearly two weeks ago while covering a news event. The journalists’ association has been called “anti-China” by pro-Beijing figures.