Interest fee

Massaro upset over impact fee delays and negotiations

School board member Cheryl Massaro expressed dissatisfaction with the county commission’s delay in the board’s latest school impact fee proposal as well as negotiations with the Flagler Home Builders Association.

After meetings with county staff and FHBA representatives, the council lowered its proposed impact fee increase. But the committee, which was due to vote on the proposal on February 21, delayed the vote for another month. The FHBA said it still had issues with the proposal.

“I am extremely disappointed that the impact fee is being delayed for a month,” Massaro said during the board’s March 1 agenda workshop. “We bent over backwards to meet the needs of a special interest group, and now they want more. I’ve just seen her. We tried. We have worked with them and it is still not enough. … It’s getting ridiculous. I know we negotiated in very good faith. Enough is enough. Now is the time to put this on the shoulders of the county commissioners and drop the chips where they can.

Superintendent Cathy Mittelstadt said conversations with the FHBA are ongoing and if there is an agreement, she will present it to the board.

“Otherwise we stay the course,” Mittelstadt said.

The proposal was added to the March 21 committee agenda.