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Netflix viewers warned to check bills for £15.99 fee

Netflix viewers are being urged to check their bills after some claimed they were moved from a basic plan to a premium plan which cost them £15.99. Those used to paying £6.99 or £10.99 for a standard monthly plan might be shocked the next time they log into the streaming site.

Write in the shimmer , money-saving expert Lynn Beattie, also known as Ms. Mummypenny, says her readers have noticed an unexpected increase in their Netflix subscription costs. She called the issue a “worrying concern”.

She said, “Some of my subscribers say they were checking their Netflix accounts to find they had been moved from the cheaper basic and standard plans to the premium plan.”

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After sharing the issue on her Facebook page, Ms Mummpenny said she was overwhelmed with responses from her followers reporting the same issue. One said: ‘Thank you very much, didn’t realize I had been paying £15.99 for months.

Another wrote: “I just changed mine.” While a third reviewer noted: A second said: “Managed to change it after paying for it for months!”

When approached by the Mirror for comment, a Netflix spokesperson said it would not change a customer’s plan without their consent. They noted that if you share a Netflix account, the other person using it could have agreed to the account upgrade without your knowledge.

Netflix said: “For a Netflix subscription plan change to occur, it must be confirmed by someone on the account. Netflix does not update a member’s plan without their explicit approval.

“Any member who has experienced unexpected charges should change their password and contact customer service so they can further investigate the issue. To learn how you can secure your account, please visit the Netflix Help Center. “