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Noodle tunes could pay off | Local News

To pay or not to pay – that seems to be the new question for what has been a free concert the day before Pauls Valley’s big Okie Noodling event every summer.

With the exception of a pandemic shutdown in 2020, there has been a live concert for a few years on Friday nights before all noodle festivities the next day in the local Wacker Park.

At this time, there is no finalized plan as PV town officials like Becky Ledbetter, who is the local tourism manager, are exploring the possibility of charging admission to the Okie Noodling concert. Eve.

At a recent meeting, Ledbetter told members of the tourism board that the idea was being considered as part of a larger plan to help the event as a whole.

“We’re looking at that in order to have better groups and help the whole noodle event,” Ledbetter said. “We were just thinking about it. We just want to talk about it.

“Our events are trying to make money because we want to see it grow. Offers are made for bands and it costs. It’s a free Friday night concert but there’s no profit. You don’t understand not what it takes to put on these gigs.

“It can bring 10,000 people to Pauls Valley for this and they stay in our hotels. These hotels are reserved, it attracts so many people.

The possibility of selling tickets early online, perhaps for $10, with the price increasing slightly on the day of the concert, is being considered.

“I worry that people will be fired and people will think it has become a money grab. I’ve heard people say that,” said tourist board member Jesse Alvarado.

According to Ledbetter, a really big positive is that this year’s noodle event already has a sponsorship of $50,000.

The tourist board has approved a motion to follow Ledbetter’s recommendations regarding possibly changing admissions for the Friday night concert ahead of the Okie Noodling tournament, which usually takes place the third week of June.


The tourism board also recommends that approximately $22,000 in tourism funds be approved to help boost Pauls Valley activities in the town center during the Christmas season.

Nancy Runge, president of the PV Chamber of Commerce, said the group’s board hoped to bring in more to add to things like the annual parade of lights, as well as chamber dollars and programs for holiday windows.

“The council wants to do something big for Christmas. Other than the parade, nothing happens downtown,” Runge said.

“We came up with the idea of ​​having a Christmas market and the vendors come downtown,” she said, adding that it would include crafts and other types of stuff for the market. .

Other activity ideas could be different types of contests or even a winter fashion show.

“It’s for Pauls Valley,” said tourist board member CJ Peachlyn.

“It’s for the citizens. I move that we approve of that.

Although not part of that action, Ledbetter said there was still some interest in the town offering ice skating activity during the Christmas season as it has in the past.

“We have people still calling us and asking about it,” Ledbetter said of an ice rink being installed at the local train depot.

At the recent reunion, Woodie Hill said work is still underway to help Pauls Valley Opry’s monthly broadcasts become even bigger in the future.

“We were actually growing when COVID hit. We haven’t recovered,” Hill said.