Opera 77 is available for Windows, macOS and Linux


The Norwegian browser manufacturer Opera has announced the availability of the standard version 77 of Opera for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The developers are happy to announce that Opera 77 for Windows, MacOS and Linux has switched to the standard version today. Restart your browser to get the update automatically. While the developers are working on some new features, they want to let users know that Opera 77 is based on Chromium 91. As always, minor changes, corrections, improvements and updates have been made to this update. The update with version number 77 for Windows, MacOS and Linux is now available for download via the integrated update function and via the official website. For more information on this update, visit the Officer Opera Blog.

Download -> Download Opera 77 for Windows, MacOS and Linux

Opera version 77 can now be downloaded from the official website:

Opera version 77 has the following new features and improvements:

  • We are happy to announce that Opera 77 has been upgraded to the standard version today. We’ve made some changes and improvements to the changelog listed, and we’ve put the finishing touches on some nice updates that will be available soon. Waiting!

Opera for computers -> Description of the Opera software

  • Easier bookmarks than bookmarks allow you to save, organize, and access your most important websites. Create folders but want to organize bookmarks and find websites quickly and easily.
  • Reach your goal quickly: video playback starts quickly for the integrated video support. There is a solution for the Opera Turbo if the connection becomes sluggish again. With the integrated PDF display functionality, documents can be displayed directly in the browser.
  • Customize your browser: browser extensions open up new applications and make themes look attractive. Browse thousands of extensions and themes and download the ones you want to use to personalize your Opera browser.
  • Easily search and navigate: Search and navigate the Web Opera has an intuitive, powerful location. After you’ve entered your search query, use different search providers and get suggestions.
  • Increase speed: Opera Turbo compresses pages so you can surf faster with Opera in any situation, even with slow links.
  • Surf the web safely: Opera Browser protects you by warning you before opening malicious websites.

All changes in this version can also be found in Opera.

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