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Pennsylvania DEP offers bigger discounts for buying electric vehicles and money for fast chargers

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is increasing its consumer rebates for electric vehicles (EVs), with a focus on working-class households, and providing $3.4 million in Volkswagen settlement funds in Pennsylvania for the installation of 54 DC fast chargers in 16 locations in major traffic lanes.

“DEP continues to work strategically to support Pennsylvanians’ growing interest in zero-emission electric vehicles, supporting the purchase of electric vehicles for working-class Pennsylvanians and funding the installation of fast chargers the along major traffic corridors in places where no fast-charging infrastructure currently exists,” said DEP Acting Secretary Ramez Ziadeh.

“By reducing nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the transportation sector, we are making the air quality healthier in our communities, while helping to slow down climate change and its impacts,” adds Ziadeh.

Beginning Sept. 1, the DEP 2022-2023 Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate program offers Pennsylvanians a deeper rebate for the purchase of a new or used battery-electric car or truck. The amount went from $750 to $2,000 or $3,000, depending on household income.

The program also reduced the income levels of households eligible for reimbursement. For example, a family of two with an income of $69,000 is eligible for a rebate of $2,000 for a battery-powered EV. A family of four with an income of $55,500 is eligible for a $3,000 rebate.

With a total of $2 million available, the rebate program aims to help put about 1,000 more electric vehicles on the road in Pennsylvania.

The program was established by state law in 2004 and is funded by the gross utility revenue tax.

The Driving PA Forward DC Fast Charging Grants program awarded $3.4 million in Volkswagen Pennsylvania settlement funds to projects that will install 54 DC fast chargers at 16 high-traffic locations in 12 counties. DC fast chargers can charge an EV battery to 80% in 20-60 minutes.

The majority of the projects will help build electric vehicle corridors across Pennsylvania, where charging stations are available every 50 miles. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is leading the development of these corridors and other charging networks across the state, using funding from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure. Driving PA Forward DC Fast Charging Program Winners Available here.

Through these grants, Driving PA Forward has now funded the installation of 106 DC fast charging outlets in 34 locations across the state. Driving PA Forward was launched in 2018 to permanently reduce NOx emissions in Pennsylvania by supporting clean transportation projects with funding from the $118.5 million Commonwealth settlement with Volkswagen.

Battery electric vehicle registrations in Pennsylvania more than doubled from March 2020 to March 2022, from 11,343 to 23,689 registrations.

Image: CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash