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Petrol and diesel prices slashed as Pakistan has more cash right now: PM Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing the Kamyab Pakistan interest-free loan check distribution ceremony at Faisal Mosque in Islamabad on March 2, 2022. – PID
  • Prime Minister Imran Khan said loans worth 2 million rupees would be disbursed to citizens to help them build their houses.
  • The Kamyab Pakistan program aims to bring the country towards a welfare state.
  • He says that by the end of this month (March), health cards will be available for all families in Punjab.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday relief had been given to Pakistanis in terms of reduced electricity charges and gasoline prices as the country now has more money.

Addressing a launching ceremony for the disbursement of interest-free loans for people belonging to low-income groups under the Kamyab Pakistan scheme, the Prime Minister said loans worth Rs. 2 million will be paid to citizens to help them build their homes.

He further added that loans worth Rs 2.5 billion have already been disbursed under the scheme.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has reiterated that the Kamyab Pakistan program aims to bring the country towards a welfare state, and therefore it will be further expanded.

He shared that the Kamyab Pakistan scheme is considering interest-free loans worth Rs 500,000 for businesses, Rs 350,000 for farmers and Rs 2 million for house construction.

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The Prime Minister further added that technical training will also be given to one member of each deserving family to help them fend for themselves.

Alluding to other pro-people initiatives, including the health insurance scheme, he said this path, envisioned by Allama Iqbal, “will lead the country to greatness”.

Imran Khan regretted that Pakistan, in the past, could not obtain its rightful place in the concert of nations because it “did not pursue the ideology for which it was created”. He noted that “nations that forget their ideology never succeed”.

The health card will be available by the end of March

Shedding light on the PTI-led government health care initiative, the Prime Minister said that by the end of this month (March), health cards will be available to all families in Punjab, adding that he is “proud” of the establishment.

Within the framework of the establishment, citizens can seek treatment in the best hospitals.

“In this three and a half year period, the most appreciated achievement is that people will be able to have health cards,” he said.

PM commends RBF for achieving tax collection target

Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed his satisfaction with the record revenue collection achieved by the Federal Board Revenue (FBR), saying that it was thanks to the increase in revenue that the government was able to reduce oil prices. petrol and diesel of Rs10 per liter and electricity tariff of Rs5. per unit.

Urging the people to pay their taxes, he assured that these revenues will be used to uplift the poor class and reduce the burden of inflation on the people.