Phoronix turns 17 this week


This week of June 5th marks 17 years since the launch of for Linux hardware reviews and 13 years since the release of Phoronix Test Suite 1.0 to further develop Open Source / Linux benchmarking.

As is customary at this time, this week will be a special offer for those who wish to join Phoronix Premium to support the site while enjoying the ad-free, multi-page articles on a single page and more. With ad rates continuing to struggle during the pandemic and the use of advertising blocks remaining very high, unfortunately it wasn’t a very fertile year and Phoronix only survived through my relentless weeks of more than 100 hours to make ends meet.

If you want to show your support and hopefully have a more sustainable year ahead of you, this birthday week should show your support by signing up for Phoronix Premium, giving a PayPal tip, or at least not using an ad blocker when browsing this website as it is only deprives the necessary resources to be able to continue operations and in particular to spend more time on interesting articles on investigative benchmark / regression analyzes etc.

As a birthday special now until the end of the week (end of day, June 6th, regardless of time zone)you can get Phoronix Premium at a discounted price. Typically, Phoronix Premium costs $ 35 per year or $ 150 for a lifetime subscription. For this year’s birthday offer, you can Go Premium for just $ 25 per year or $ 100 for a lifetime subscription.

In order to demonstrate your support and benefit from this offer, first make sure that you are registered in the Phoronix forums, as the forums deal with the aspect of subscription / user management. There is no built-in sales support there, so the normal prices for premium subscriptions are still listed there. So to receive the discounted offers of $ 25 for an annual subscription or $ 100 for a lifetime subscription, PayPal needs to pay the cash amount to [email protected] (or you can use this PayPal link). Sending an extra amount is considered a tip, thanks! Then I manually activated your forum account to premium status as soon as possible. If your payment email address is different from the registered email address of your forum, please provide your forum username when making payment to match your account. If you are already a Premium Member, you can renew your current subscription at the sales prices.

With that PSA out of the way, back to Linux benchmarking and working on interesting content for birthday week.

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