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Popular stars who charge less than $50 per video cameo

These popular The Challenge competitors offer custom videos at rock bottom prices. Buying Cameos doesn’t have to break the bank.

There are many The challenge cast members on Cameo, and some of them don’t charge a flat rate for their personalized video messages. However, it all adds up, many of them make a lot of money from their personalized videos. While some Cameo stars set their rates at hundreds of dollars per clip, there are plenty of The challenge competitors who make money by selling large quantities of videos at low prices.

Valentine’s Day is approaching and any long-time viewers might want to turn to Cameo for last-minute gifts for their the Challenge-obsessed partners. Cameo is a great way for a the Challenge competitor to earn a little extra cash, and it’s true that many fan-favorite stars are available for custom videos at surprisingly reasonable prices.


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Nehemiah Clark – $20

Nehemiah was always a solid performer throughout his the Challenge career, and although he’s more of a low-key player, he’s been around for quite some time. Since he’s always fine all starsthe lower prices of the Nehemiah cameo could generate significant revenue.

Zach Nichols- $25

zach nichols the challenge

Zach has become a controversial actor due to the way he often talks to his contestants, so it makes sense that he doesn’t set his prices too high on Cameo. Still, Zach’s beauty alone has earned him plenty of fans, and there’s likely a high demand for his videos.

Jenna Compono- $25

Jenna Compono The Challenge

At The challenge, Zach’s wife, Jenna, is a popular gamer who has performed well in the past, and since the show, the pair have been raking in the dough on Cameo. The extra income surely helps cover the costs of their new baby, and Jenna and Zach’s low prices are a smart move.

Brad Fiorenza – $29

Brad Fiorenza The Challenge

Brad has always been popular on The challenge because he is a hard worker and a good sportsman. At The challenge: all starsIn Season 2, Brad’s long beard was a major standout. Since his Cameo videos are such a steal, he’s a great cast member to tap into for a personalized message.

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Paulie Calafiore – $35

Although Paulie’s political views and his relationship with Cara Maria Sorbello have made him a controversial contender, he remains a terrific player of the recent era and quite popular on Cameo. However, he’s not wrong to set his prices low, as he’s not exactly a fan favorite in the cast.

Darrel Taylor- $35

Darrell Taylor The Challenge

As a record champion, it’s surprising that Darrell’s Cameo videos are only $35, but that may encourage more fans to buy videos from him. It’s a beast of a competitor on The challengeand Darrell is definitely giving fans a lot for their money on Cameo.

Sarah Rice – $39

Although Sarah suffered a series of bad luck on The challenge in her previous seasons, she eventually scored a stellar win over Battle of the Exes 2. Sarah is a strong competitor who always gives her all, and her Cameos won’t break the bank.

MJ Garrett- $45

MJ Garrett The Challenge

Southern giant MJ is a highly regarded player with great sportsmanship, although he hasn’t developed a strong following on Cameo. MJ may have set his prices low to generate more interest, but he could find himself in higher demand after his recent all stars Season 2 win with partner Jonna Mannion.

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Tony Raines- $49

Tony Raines The Challenge Banner

No one eats bad food like Tony does, although that’s probably not what he does in his Cameo videos. The impressive challenger has a decent following for his personalized videos. Since Tony’s house was recently destroyed by a hurricane, fans can rest assured that the cost of his cameos is going to a good cause.

As the most affordable the Challenge stars on Cameo, a video of one of these cast members could be a cool and surprisingly inexpensive gift option. These competitors offer fans good value for money and could be the source of some fascinating videos.

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