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President Biden, when it comes to special interest money, are you more of an “Obama” or a “Hillary?” »

Joe Biden has called Barack Obama’s upstart presidential campaign a “fairy tale”. This may have been the last time Joe Biden was right about something. After all, many fairy tales begin with fantasy – before turning into tragedy.

There were many surprising and inspiring elements to Barack Obama’s political rise. He lost a congressional campaign, before suddenly racing to victory in a race for the U.S. Senate. An opponent’s “sex scandal” eased the way to victory: in 2004, it was disqualifying for favorite Jack Ryan to have taken his then wife (and Star Trek: Voyager actress) in sex clubs. (Would that even be a problem today? But I digress).

Obama, in addition to being “the first dominant African-American to speak out, is bright, clean and a handsome guy” (to quote Joe Biden’s extremely dubious compliment), had a vision of American politics that was not devoted to lobbyists and special interests – at least not at first.

Speaking in Virginia, he promised a delighted crowd“We won’t take a dime from Washington lobbyists or special-interest PACs. We are going to change the way Washington works. They will not finance my party. They will not run our White House. And they won’t drown out the voice of the American people when I’m President of the United States.

I hope this line got the applause it deserved. It was good policy then, and it still is today.

In a move that remains sadly rare in Washington, Obama kept his promise — under his leadership, the DNC stopped accepting donations from political action committees (PACs) in 2008.

Unfortunately, when hillary clintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonArmageddon Election Ahead Poll: Trump Leads 2024 Republican Field With DeSantis Far Behind became the presumptive nominee in 2016, the policy was reversed. Hillary came to fill the swamp, not drain it; since 2016, lobbyists have been back in donor meetings, where booze and campaign money flow liberally.

Now, to face the future, President BidenJoe BidenDeputy AG: DOJ Investigates Trump On The Money Fake Voters – Corporate Vaccine Or Test Mandate Canceled Warner Tests Positive For Groundbreaking COVID-19 Case MORE must answer a question about the past: are you more “Obama” or “Hillary?” Do you want to change the way Washington works, or go back to corruption and clandestine dealings? Will special interests finance your coffers, your party and your future? Will lobbyists run your White House?

Or was Obama’s yearning for corruption-free governance just another fairy tale?

Campaign finance reports make it clear: the Democratic Party is rolling in money. But from whom? In February, the DNC raised $8.5 million. If that seems like little in the age of modern politics, it’s the most money ever raised in February in a non-presidential election year. But how much of that comes from lobbyists and PACs and other swamp creatures? Washington offers them a luxurious mud bath; Central America is stuck with the bill.

Unfortunately, the Republican establishment is no better. On a recent conference call, Republican leaders told members not to worry that many Fortune 100 companies are not donating to pro-Trump members of Congress. “They will come back once they realize the mistake they made,” we were consoled. “They belong to us, not to the socialists, and they will be coming home soon.” On this issue, the Republican leadership has the pathology of a naive and deceived spouse.

I see things differently. I canceled “woke” special interests and shady lobbyists before they can cancel me. I am the only Republican in Congress who refuses all donations from lobbyists and the PAC. The American people are my only special interest. I guess I’m channeling my inner Obama!

Americans are decent, honest, hard-working people, betrayed for decades by a corrupt government that caters almost exclusively to the rich and powerful. Election results don’t matter in this world, not really – the same vested interests hold the leadership of both parties.

President TrumpDonald TrumpDeputy AG: DOJ investigates fake Trump voters Former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz elected to Baseball Hall of Fame Overnight Health Care – Senators unveil pandemic preparedness review MORE and president obamaBarack Hussein ObamaWhat does the preamble to the Constitution have to do with Build Back Better? White House highlights action amid violent crime streak Biden’s frustration with Fox News surfaces MORE both have challenged how the establishment funds politics. Both represented something different, something we had never seen before. Trump has told great stories. Obama may have been a fairy tale. But with President Biden, will there even be a story worth telling? So far, the answer is no: no inspiration, no promise of better days, no hope, no change. Not doing anything great anymore…just the same old story.

Now that he’s settled into the White House, I hope President Biden will tell a new story. If he can break the corporate stranglehold on the US government…it will be a story worth telling and for the American people to applaud.

Congressman Matt GaetzMatthew (Matt) GaetzOn the money – Support for new COVID-19 relief grows House lawmakers urge Pelosi to scrap ban on stock trading Mask rules spark political games and unpleasant environment at the PLUS Room represents Florida’s 1st District in the House of Representatives. He serves on the House Armed Services and Judiciary Committees.