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puja singh mandol: An auditor in charge of the ‘unheard of’ air accident office: aviation experts | Bombay News

Mumbai: Several aviation experts have criticized the appointment of Puja Singh Mandol, an Indian officer from the 1995 group’s Audit and Accounting Service (IA&AS), as the director general of the Mumbai Accident Investigation Bureau. aviation (AAIB). The official is also Deputy Director General of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
Captain Amit Singh, an aviation safety expert, said the need for an independent body to investigate aircraft has been highlighted by a number of international committees and audits. “The current practice of delegating DGCA executives to the AAIB, and in particular the technically unqualified head of the AAIB, is not only a conflict of interest but is demoralizing to the industry,” did he declare.
Reacting to reports that the appointment is temporary, Capt Singh said: “The appointment may be temporary, but the question is whether she can take on the duties and responsibilities that come with running the office of accident investigation. during this period? For example, final accident and incident reports, documents of a highly technical nature are submitted to the General Manager for acceptance.
The Ministry of Civil Aviation could not be reached for comment. A 2016 government advertisement to fill the position had invited applications from applicants with a degree in aeronautical engineering or mechanical/electrical/electronics as well as 14 years of airworthiness or aviation safety experience; or Air Traffic Control with three years of experience in flight safety and accident investigation; or holder of a commercial pilot’s license or an aircraft mechanic’s license for 15 years.
A senior commander said: “Having an IA & AS officer in charge of an accident office is unheard of.”
Crispin Orr, who heads air accident investigation in the UK, led the flight test and air accident investigation units in the army. In 2020, he was appointed Chairman of the Air Accident Investigation Expert Group of the European Civil Aviation Conference. The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, which investigates accidents, has Tim LeBaron, who has led more than 300 air crash investigations as director of the office of aviation safety.