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Quick Charge: After a tough few years, here’s why we’re excited to see MWC at its best in 2022

The annual MWC Barcelona trade show will be back in all its glory this year, and that’s great news for the mobile industry.

The restrictions brought in in response to the Covid-19 pandemic have forced us into a different way of living in different ways, and given the scale of the sacrifices made, it seems almost rude to complain about the restrictions facing salons professionals such as the one that arrives next week, namely the MWC 2022.

Still, it’s certainly good that these tech jamborees are finally back on the road so we can see what’s in store for the year ahead, all ahead of us.

An event like this gives manufacturers the blank canvas they need to show off their latest wares, giving us unparalleled access to dozens and dozens of new handsets and letting you read all the latest news, lean on our first impressions and to see everything. the latest innovations up close. It’s a time of year when enthusiasts can really double down on their interest in technology, in a way that’s almost comparable only to the relentless pace and drama of an international sporting event.

Added to this is the collegial (and sometimes competitive) vibe of the week urging each builder to move upmarket to get the word out, in a way that might not happen otherwise and certainly seems to be letting innovations spring forth. rivalries. With companies set up neck and neck, no one can escape comparison with their peers, for better or for worse.

Not only that, but MWC is keeping the eyes of the world fixed on smartphones and mobile technology for a few days, paying particular attention to this key market sector and setting the agenda for a new calendar year. Once again, this projector focuses minds on the best of modern technology; Who could forget the very first appearance and hands-on experiences with foldable phones that resulted from the conference just a few years ago and captured imaginations around the world. This year we might see even more foldable action, or other exciting changes to the formula such as the paper-like rear panel design of the Realme GT2 Pro, or the incredibly fast charging speeds that Oppo boasts.

Plus, the whole event puts a celebratory spin on the mobile tech products that increasingly define our lives, and that can’t go wrong. As readers sit on their toes waiting to hear the day’s next big announcement, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with the excitement of every big news story that hits the headlines.

The Trusted Reviews team is eager to report on every development as it happens in the field, and I hope you’re just as excited as we are to read about the latest and greatest from the world of mobile technology.

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