Interest fee

RBMA urges CMS to change 2023 Doctors’ Fee Schedule

Persistent COVID, continued inflation, rising interest rates

The RBMA projects that under the forthcoming scheme comprising PFS 2023 and associated plans, radiologists would have to live with an overall pay cut of 12.0%.

He bases that figure on the combined effect of four impending cuts – 3.0% Medicare conversion factor, 3.0% radiology RVU cuts, 4.0% pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) cuts and 2% sequestration from Medicare intended to align CMS. budget with the general objectives of the federal budget.

The RBMA tells CMS that an offset drop of this magnitude is “unsustainable in the current environment”.

The organization outlines several factors that will hit American health care with particular force in 2023.

These include continued pressures from the COVID pandemic, current and likely continued inflation of 8.5% to 9%, and increased health insurance premiums for support staff as well as for physicians and other clinicians.

Meanwhile, radiology, dependent as it is on expensive capital goods, risks being stung in 2023 by rising interest rates. These, coupled with price increases due to supply chain disruptions, writes the RBMA,

… affect the ability of radiology practices to invest in vital imaging equipment and the ever-improving advances in radiology information systems, image archive communication systems and other technologies required under various state and federal regulations (i.e. interconnectivity with the rest of the healthcare delivery system serving patients).