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Sainsbury’s sky-high £80 delivery charge angers shoppers

There is growing anger among Sainsbury’s customers after the supermarket giant raised its delivery charge to £80. Customers have taken to social media to complain about new prices for a number of delivery passes this week.

The complaints come as the cost of the supermarket’s ‘anytime delivery pass’ has risen from £60 to £80. The pass counts up to free delivery every day of the week, including weekends, the shimmer reports.

Sainsbury’s has also increased the cost of its ‘midweek delivery pass’, which applies to online grocery orders delivered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, by £10, from £30 to £40 . Alongside this, the six-month ‘anytime delivery pass’ has been reduced from £35 to £40.

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The Mirror reports that there was no midweek delivery pass available on the Sainsbury’s website two days ago, but reports suggest the pass was only £18 £ last year. The supermarket has also stopped selling its three-month delivery subscriptions, replacing them with monthly subscriptions.

The ‘anytime delivery pass’ costs £7.50 while the ‘midweek delivery pass’ costs £4. On the website, the ‘midweek delivery pass’ is indeed priced at £10 while the three-month ‘anytime delivery pass’ costs £20.

The price hike comes just a month after inflation in the UK hit 7% – its highest percentage in 30 years. Experts predict a further rise in inflation to 8% later this year. Data analytics firm Kantar also revealed grocery prices were 5.9% higher in April than a year ago – the biggest increase we’ve seen since Dec. 11.

George Day, 74, from Whyteleafe in Surrey, said The sun “We are retirees. We are relying on the delivery pass service as it is difficult for us to get around these days.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “Last year we updated our online grocery services so that we can offer easier and more flexible ways to shop with us, whilst offering excellent value for money.”