Interest charge

Sheena Greitens backs abuse charge

ST. LOUIS — A day after the contents of a court affidavit alleging she and her children were physically abused by her husband, former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, Sheena Greitens says she maintains the accusation and denies any political influence.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Sheena Greitens said:

“I stand by my statements under oath. I have not discussed the contents of my affidavit with anyone other than my attorney and, after the affidavit was filed, my immediate family. My only interest is what is best for my two children, and over the past four years I have gone to great lengths to keep these family matters private in order to protect them. I am not interested in arguing this case anywhere other than in the courtroom. At the appropriate time in the court proceedings, I will provide all evidence and documents requested by the court, including sworn testimony. »

Sheena Greitens claims she was a victim of his political reach and influence as well as physical abuse saying, “Eric knocked me down and confiscated my cellphone, wallet and keys…” so she couldn’t call help. She accuses him of “handcuffing our then 3-year-old son in the face at the dinner table…and pulling him by the hair”.

Eric Greitens denied the allegations and said they were linked to political opponents as he mounts a bid for the US Senate. “I will continue to love and care for my beautiful sons with all my being, and that includes fighting for the truth and against completely fabricated and baseless allegations,” he said Monday.