Interest rates

Study: Australians increasingly research cost of living, interest rates and how to save

Readership data is aggregated across a network of users across a multitude of publisher sites in Australia, protecting the privacy of individuals while informing advertisers of the interests of their audiences. This is made possible by working with recommendation platforms that integrate with a large number of publisher sites, such as Taboola.

What people read about changes based on what they are going through and what is going on in the world. This is what makes readership data reliable and up-to-date for advertisers looking to know what their audience is thinking. This can lead to the discovery of seemingly “new” or unexpected topics that their audience is reading about.

So what are the top three issues on the minds of Australians right now?

Money is in everyone’s head

The topic of money has seen a surge in interest over the past 90 days, with online reading on news websites jumping by +55%.

Over the past month, the impending recession is a major concern for Australians, which has led to an increase in the cost of living reading online by +16% and the reading on inflation has increased by 66%.

As a result, people are reading more (+43%) about personal finance and investing (+500%) and, within this area, family and money (+70%).

Rising interest rates are also affecting Australians, with a 39% increase in online reading.

People are actively looking for ways to save money – from renegotiating insurance policies and loans to cooking at home

Interest in reading on loans jumped 138% in the past 90 days, as did interest in insurance, which rose 7% as Australians think about saving money on their policies insurance.

Cooking at home, instead of eating out, is also popular, with online cooking reading up 59% over the period.

However, when it comes to shopping, retailer interest is strong (+19%) but focused on coupons and grocery prices (+66%). Interest in cars also rose 51% to 1.4 million views, but reading about electric cars jumped 708%, again underscoring the value of saving money on cars. essence and to be concerned about the environment.

There was also a 339% increase in online stock reading.

The ‘R’ word is a rising topic

Australians are tackling the subject of recession as the economy tightens. There have been over 612,000 page views in the last 90 days on this topic.