That’s why I still do it “

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  • Here a camgirl shares her story.

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a camgirl?

    It’s an extremely lucrative industry, with some making over £ 180 an hour.

    With the advent of sites like OnlyFans – a subscription service that allows content creators to make money off users who subscribe to their content – you would assume the creators would be protected. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the case – the industry is still stigmatized and often abused, explains Amber Kelly, founder of Off The Record, a cam girl modeling agency that promotes the empowerment of women.

    Here she shares her story – finding her passion for an often stigmatized industry and breaking the norm to start an agency that promises to be a safe place for content creators and cam girls.

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    “I received death threats while working as a camgirl – that’s how I implemented it positively.”

    “The world of camming is often viewed as dangerous and toxic. If you can follow up on my first experiences, that makes perfect sense. “

    “I started in the industry for the first time in 2015 when my roommate convinced me to give it a try. She was already a successful cam girl and I saw how much she loved her. I kept hearing laughter (and other noises …) from her bedroom as she chatted with customers and cheered with joy every time she took in another £ 1,000. I really admired her for that.

    “She didn’t care what the others thought, she was completely independent and enjoyed her job a lot.”

    “Besides, she always had a crack in her crotch and I don’t need to wonder why.”

    “I grew up in an extremely religious family. I have been surrounded by restrictive attitudes towards women and sex all my life. I didn’t feel liberated or empowered, and as I spent more time with my roommate it became something I wanted so badly. “

    Amber Kelly, CEO of Off the Record

    “When I finally dared to take a leap of faith in this world, my life changed overnight. I made a whopping £ 1,700 in just twelve hours and all I did was sit in my sports gear. “

    “My mind was overwhelmed and it felt almost addicting watching my credits pile up. I knew the audience loved what I was doing and that spurred me on – as did the money. I quickly realized that this could be a serious income, so I started caming while I had my second job as a PT. “

    “That was another big advantage – the flexibility that caming brings with it is incomparable. My roommate and I encouraged each other and I definitely felt part of something. I’ve met fascinating people from all over the world, researched my sexuality and paid a lot for it. “

    “It was a win-win situation. Within a couple of weeks, I kicked myself for not starting earlier. “

    “After working for the same agency for over a year, I noticed that things were going a little wrong. The guy who owned the agency took a ridiculously high stake in my earnings and sometimes he didn’t make any payments. I was passionate about camming, but I just didn’t see the return that I should have been. “

    “With that in mind, I questioned the sincerity of his support and decided to cam independently. Also, since the agency was run by a man, I found that the creators were clearly separated from each other so that they did not compare the revenues. Except for my roommate, whom I luckily had, there was no support. “

    “I naively decided to call the owner of the agency to let him know that I am leaving. I felt like that was professional and respectful, but in hindsight it wasn’t the best move. When I told him I was going to become independent, I was only faced with aggression and abuse. I was told that I would never work in the industry again, that without him I wouldn’t even “know” the cam and that he “knew where I live” and “would break in and kill me in my sleep”. “I was scared and it took over ten days for my profile to be removed from his platform.”

    “This was the worst time of my life and it unfortunately made me realize that the industry is tough and male dominated.”

    “Unfortunately women were often exploited. Nobody should feel this level of terror. I was shocked to discover this dark side of the industry. For a short time I accepted his threats and worried that I would never go back to work. “

    “Fortunately, I’m not that easy to beat. This experience kindled a fire in me and I decided that I would make something positive out of this experience. Then I decided to set up my own agency to support women in the industry and protect them from exploitation; Out of the record. I became a mentor, camgirl and CEO in one. “

    “At Off The Record (OTR) we love and support each other and make caming the fun and nurturing career it should be. We don’t cut corners. Creators deserve the formidable salaries they deserve and no one is ever molested. If it’s not acceptable in an office setting, then it shouldn’t be acceptable online. Simple.”

    “Off The Record has become my life – just like the women who are part of our agency – and I have never looked back. I have built a hugely successful career as a camgirl, mentor and entrepreneur while really knowing our agency is driving important change. Well the abuse I experienced is a distant memory, though I will never forget it. It shaped me into who I am today and I use this experience to teach other women about exploitation in the industry, what is unacceptable and why they should only demand the utmost respect from every customer. We set the standards as high as we should, and that is critical if the sex industry is to eradicate exploitation. “

    “Today I am a successful business owner, mother of two little boys and the proud wife of my husband and business partner. When we first met, I was very honest. I told him frankly that I was a camgirl and, refreshingly, he didn’t react as negatively and toxic as other ex-boyfriends.

    “Instead, he was open-minded and his only priority was my health and happiness. He quickly saw how much I loved caming, how good I was at it, and how powerful Off The Record could be in changing the industry for the better. Now we are working together as a team to share our important message and protect the creators of Off The Record as we educate our boys to be respectful, understanding, accepting and non judgmental. In more ways than one, we are driving a major shift in attitudes that we hope will help create a more positive and secure future for the adult industry. “


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