The Comment Awards will climb every mountain


Hello sweet peas! Guess what? There is someone new in my life!

a collage of Queer Girl's new dog, a very blond three month old puppy with floppy ears and perfect white eyelashes

He’s only three months old and we haven’t yet agreed on a name … Do you have any ideas for us? 💙

This week Vanessa had breakfast with her grief.

Cam wrote about medical devices, sex, and the way they overlap.

Important: Which mid-August LGBTQ + TV female character are you? I got Willow which was the absolutely perfect answer, this quiz is final.

For the Table company Series, that was … just perfect: On Grandmothers and Malai Curry so Thick as My Missing.

Lawrence wrote on burlesque, gender, performance, and the arts.

Did you look First date still? It’s cute and sexy and healthy and you should check it out now!

As the child of a parent who forced me to do a lot of extracurricular activities, I felt this week Stupid child in my bones.

And further Wait, is that a date? Drew, Christina and Dani Janae talked about the best sex they ever had!

And then there were your comments.

On The L Word Episode 205 Recap: Lobsters Deserve Freedom Too:

The Sweet Meats Award to Reilly:

If you're looking for me, I'll send my glands, sweetbreads and various types of meat to Gigi by snail mail.  Maybe I'll be back in time for next week's episode, or maybe I'll climb a mountain in tights that I've been wearing for an indefinite period of time.

And the Making It Rain Award to Sindeelou2:

Okay, already a + member but just donated $ 50 to pay tribute to this standout piece of comedic critical literature.  I beg your knees

on About grandmothers and Malai curry as thick as my missing person:

The Gender Variety Award to shamblebot:


On FYP: Stop Chasing Straight Girls – It’s Weird:

The Gaily Forward Award to :):

100% agree not to persecute straight women.  However, being followed by a (previously) straight woman can be great.  Love the last one !!!!

on The L Word Generation Q Season 2: Alice’s book launch is illuminated in new images by 208:

The Gotta Catch ‘Em All Award to Mina:

Not an episode goes by where I don't see an outfit that feels Team Rocket inspired by Pokémon and I don't get it, but I choose to love it.

On No Filter: Is this Beanie and Sarah content worth it?

The Vapors Award to Claudia Donovan:

I think you should have mercy on your readers and sell some AS branded smelling salts to get them through every No Filter because Laverne Cox, who sings opera, nearly killed me.

And on Pop Culture Fix: Raven-Symoné said no to Raven Baxter as a lesbian, mysterious to me!

The Babysitters Club # 405: Janine and the GSA Award to Kate L .:

Sorry, hello, is Janine bringing a friend home with her in s2 of the Baby-Sitters Club?  If so i love it.

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