The Debian-based MX Linux 21 RC is here to spoil Microsoft’s big Windows 11 launch party


Today is October 5th, which is especially important as it is the official release date of Windows 11. This is even more special as Microsoft’s newest desktop operating system isn’t just good … it is great. Yes, this is probably the best version of Windows ever, and if you are a Windows user, make sure to upgrade if your computer is compatible.

Unfortunately this time it’s a pretty big “if”. You see, Microsoft is pretty strict on system requirements, which means that many computers are not compatible or officially supported. Although Windows 10 is still supported for a while, some users understandably want to get started right away, knowing that their PC has no future in the eyes of Microsoft. Fortunately, these users have a wonderful Windows 11 alternative – Linux!

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The first MX Linux 21 release candidate is due out today, and Microsoft may not be very happy about it. After all, the Linux distribution essentially spoils the big Windows 11 launch party. Hell, Microsoft even serves ice cream!

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The upcoming MX Linux 21 is based on Debian 11 “Bullseye”. The operating system is offered with the Fluxbox window manager or your choice of two popular desktop environments – KDE Plasma and Xfce. The Linux distribution includes Mesa Vulkan drivers and an updated installer by default. Improved Wi-Fi support is also integrated.

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But what exactly is new in the first release candidate? The developers share this below.

  • New selection area for installer partitions, including some LVM support if LVM volume already exists
  • New UEFI Live startup menus. Now you can choose your live boot options (persistence etc) from the boot menu and submenus instead of using the previous console menus.
  • Xfce 4.16, Plasma 5.20, Fluxbox 1.3.7 with mx-fluxbox 3.0 configurations
  • User password (sudo) for admin tasks by default. You can change this in mx-tweak-> Other tab.
  • Many many bug fixes since Beta2.

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When you’re ready to try out MX Linux 21 RC 1, download it now from here. Should you replace Windows 10 with MX Linux today? No, not right away – you should try it out first and make sure it fully meets your needs. And don’t forget that this is only a release candidate, not the final version. With that, it should be pretty stable at this point. At the very least, you should wait for the final stable release before making any decisions.

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