The Easiest Gamerscore Xbox Games (September 2021)


September was a solid month for games in general, but an even better month for success hunters as all of these simple games were released. Replenishing your gamerscore is a science and if you want to do it efficiently these are the games you want to get out of the way. This list covers all of the easiest games as of September 2021, and each can be completed in under an hour for 1000G if you follow a guide, many of which you can find on YouTube. Let’s hope October can live up to that.

Alveole (Xbox and Windows 10) ($ 4.99): This first game can be doubled, with 1000G available for both Xbox and Windows 10 versions. This game takes about 20 minutes if you follow a guide.

Ravva and the Cyclops Curse ($ 4.99): Eastasiasoft is known for its cheap and easy gamerscore, and Ravva is no exception. For this side scrolling adventure title, all you need to do is play six levels plus the tutorial for 1000G. It shouldn’t take more than half an hour.

Mini golf tour ($ 5.99): It’s not a 3D ultra-miniature golf adventure, but it does bring some simple achievements. With a guide, you can do this in less than an hour.

Virtuous West ($ 4.99): Ratalaika Games, the most famous publisher in the hunt for success, strikes with this 15-minute western puzzle completion. Follow a solution guide and this will be over before you know it.

Alpha set from POWGI ($ 7.99): This crossword puzzle game will get you the 1000G in under an hour. All you have to do is complete certain words, solve 30 puzzles, and do a few other different tasks. Just go to the solutions online and you can fly through them.

From earth to heaven ($ 6.99): One of the easiest completions ever made. It’s not even worth describing the game as all you have to do is start and exit each of the ten levels to get all the achievements – you don’t have to play them at all.

Love choice ($ 4.99): Ratalaika strikes again with a quick visual novel conclusion. You have to have a few different endings to complete this game and it takes about 40 minutes with a guide.

A day without me ($ 4.99): This is another 15 minute adventure ending that doesn’t even involve beating the game. Be sure to follow a guide to do this as you can miss out on a lot of achievements.

Flaskoman ($ 4.99): This side scrolling platformer is another all-timer for easy achievement. There are no missable achievements, and you can get to full completion in about five minutes.

Dojoran ($ 4.99): This 10-minute graduation comes courtesy of Ratalaika. You have to complete five levels in total, collect 150 coins and five talismans, kill some enemies and die a lot.

Earth Marines ($ 4.99): This shoot ’em up game lasts around 20 minutes for 1000G. The only missable achievement it has is dying, so missing out on it is a feat.

Shiro (Xbox and Windows 10) ($ 4.99): Another side scrolling platformer, this one courtesy of Xitilon, another popular publisher for easy achievements. Like Alveole, this game can be completed twice on Xbox and Windows 10 for 2000G, each taking a little over half an hour.

Golf peaks ($ 4.99): This golf-themed puzzle game lasts approximately 50 minutes with a guide that requires you to beat 10 levels worth of worlds, find a secret level, and complete all bonus levels.

Crisis wing ($ 7.99): Eastasiasoft’s second title of the month, this shoot ’em up takes around 15 minutes if all goes well, although admittedly one of the trickier titles where you have to meet certain point requirements in each game mode can prove frustrating.

Teacup ($ 9.99): If there’s one final game to save, this is it. Not only is it the most expensive on this list, but it also takes a solid 40 minutes to complete. Fortunately, there are no achievements to be missed.

Death park ($ 5.99): The only stealth game on the list. This title takes about 25 minutes to get 1000 G so you have to beat the game and find 13 hidden items.

Blind postman ($ 3.99): This month’s cheapest game, Blind Postman, lasts about half an hour. This title is all story and cumulative achievements so you don’t have to worry about missing out.

Do not touch this button! ($ 4.99): Ratalaika’s last entry of the month, this puzzle game takes about half an hour to complete with instructions. To do this, you need to reach the end of the game and complete some different tasks.

Scary story ($ 9.99): Any achievement in this adventure game can be missed, so be very careful with this one. It takes about half an hour with a guide and is worth saving until the end.

Unterland ($ 7.99): The final easy game of September, Underland, is a puzzle game that requires you to complete all 30 levels. Upload a video tutorial that you can follow and you can work through it in about 45 minutes.

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