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The stock market trend is inexorably bearish

Additionally, a new recommendation is a “straddle buy” on the S&P 500. Read More

There is hardly any good news in the stock market and many reasons why prices continue to fall

The outlook is bleak, with the central bank poised to raise interest rates even further. Read more

Tightening corporate earnings is the biggest risk to the stock market right now

The S&P 500 profit margin has shrunk three percentage points year-over-year. Read more

Apple is now the best-selling stock in the market. If Tesla is an example, it’s bullish.

The dollar amount of stocks sold short is “pretty meaningless.” Read more

Wall Street’s Prediction of Stock Market Direction Is Often Wrong – Way Wrong

The best approach is to stick with your asset allocation strategy, no matter what analysts say. Read more

A strong market rally could be weeks away if the U.S. midterm election can put anxious stock investors at ease

Why stocks could fall right around Election Day in November. Read more

This interest rate hedging ETF has soared 60% this year as stocks and bonds sink in market carnage

This week’s ETF Wrap takes a look at an interest rate hedging ETF that’s delivering massive gains amid the carnage of 2022. Read more

These 20 stocks have a short interest of 19% or more, and AMC and GameStop aren’t even in the top half

Carvana and Lucid Motors are among the most shorted stocks. Read more

This investor posted a gain multiplied by 30 in 10 years on a little-known company

The key to wealth is diversification, the saying goes. But building extreme wealth often comes from just a few investments. Read more

This is the perfect time to pick up bargain stocks. Here are 21 examples that could make you a lot of money.

Online advertisers’ stocks have been crushed. But the group could come back in force, to the benefit of committed investors. Read more

Any of These 15 Losing Companies Could Become the Stock Market’s Biggest “Unicorn” Bankruptcy

Investors rained cash on Uber, Airbnb and other unprofitable businesses. Read more

Here’s Where ETF Investors Plan to Put Money to Work Next Year, According to Research by Schwab

Here’s how ETF investors plan to make their money grow in the coming year, according to research by the asset management arm of Charles Schwab Corp. Read more

20 value stocks whose growth potential is overlooked by investors

Value stocks have held up better than growth stocks this year, and that trend could continue, analysts say. Read more

Worst year ever for the 60/40 portfolio?

Is 2022 the worst year, even for a proven investment strategy? Read more