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TikTok mom divides the internet with tips to save money this Christmas

A thrifty mum has gone viral on TikTok for suggesting an easy way to save money over Christmas. It’s about banning three things that bring that extra bit of magic during the holiday season.

Look, I’m gonna go ahead and call it the grumpy christmas now to save you time, but if you want to save money during an expensive time of year, you could say they type of make sense.

(Actually, I hate myself for writing that!)

TikTok mom says we should ban these three things on Christmas

budgeting mom @littleloudvoice posted a video on TikTok to share her thoughts on what she thought were the biggest money wasters during the Christmas period.

The mum said the family didn’t need matching pajamas at Christmas.

“Christmas on a budget this year?” she asked, before listing the three things, she insisted that your kids “don’t need to have a magical Christmas.”

First up are those matching pajama sets for the whole family.

“More £$50 ($56) for a family of 4 matching pajamas! Absolutely not,” she shared.

OK, Dad might be okay with this one in our house, but….. WHAT?! Having matching pajamas with the kids is the cutest Christmas cliché ever!

Second on the forbidden list is the popular christmas eve box for kids. You know the box filled with candies that you give to children before Santa Claus arrives? It’s usually filled with Christmas pajamas, books, or treats, but according to the thrifty TikToker, that’s a waste of money.

“Want Christmas Eve boxes at this price? No way,” she said.

Is it time to ban Christmas lights?

Now, the third suggestion almost puts me in a state of rage, because you might as well cancel Christmas, ma’am!

While scrolling through some images of cute penguin Christmas lights for sale online, she said: “Not to mention the electricity prices to run these things. That’s a no for me.”

christmas lights
The mother said the high electricity costs of the “fancy” Christmas lights weren’t worth it.

Admittedly, the bill is higher for me after Christmas, but isn’t that the purpose of the end-of-year celebrations? Indulge in all those things and worry about the cost later? I know, I know, 2020 and something about interest rates got rid of all that fun!

While some followers seemed to agree with my view, others were all for the woman’s money saving hacks.

“I honestly thought it was just me not doing any of these things,” one person commented.

Another agreed: “Matching pajamas just get out of control.”

“Okay but coming from a childhood where no effort was made. Monetary or not, I want to do this for my son,” added another.

Meanwhile, others were giving more suggestions on things that should be prohibited.

“I also HATE that the elf on the shelf has become such a big deal that you feel like the kids who don’t have one are the only ones,” one follower said.

“Something else that’s expensive is these toy advent calendars,” came another suggestion.

And with that, I’m done. I’ve seen enough here. Merry Christmas, you bastards!