Interest fee

Tottenham could collect £26m selling fee if Marcus Edwards leaves Sporting

Edwards lived in a rented flat, but he bought a house in the area where a number of Sporting players live. His father also lives in Lisbon, but in a different part of town to give his son space and independence.

Edwards suffered a disastrous loan spell at Norwich City earlier in his career, when he moved out injured, but has reportedly matured considerably over the past two years.

“I think he’s happy now… he has the manager’s faith”

His adjustment to life at Sporting impressed goalkeeper Antonio Adan, who said: “He has come into a group that does him good. A young group, with people helping to make more of it, to get involved with us.

“He really does his part too. He talks to us a lot and that means he’s happy, it shows on the pitch. What you see on the pitch reflects how people are doing. And I think he’s happy now. He also has the manager’s faith and confidence to try these things and he takes advantage of it.

“We are people and that gets forgotten: it’s like we’re machines and we have to go out there and do what the fans and the journalists want us to do. And we often forget this personal element.

“He found a place where the manager knew he had fantastic talent: he knew him, he had been following him for a few years in Portugal, showing that quality that we all knew he had, and he’s now arrived at a place where between all of us, and him above all, we have helped to make him stand out.

Adan thinks Edwards is a unique talent and added: “He’s a different player. He gives us this ability to move past people, to change a game, to face people, to cross lines. He runs very well with the ball and he is in a fantastic moment in terms of confidence.

“He almost scored a historic goal, a brilliant goal. If this run had been done by another player, we would have been talking about it for a very long time. It was fantastic, we enjoyed it and we are lucky to have a player like Marcus.