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A television license is required to watch or broadcast programs as they are broadcast live with money intended for BBC funding. But as more and more people turn to Netflix and Now TV, is there a way to save money?

On the TV licensing website it is explained when a TV license is needed.

Live TV programs on any online TV service including Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, ITV Hub or All 4 must be covered by a TV license.

People also need a TV license if they watch or stream live programs through an online TV service on any device, including tablets, game consoles, laptops, and phones. laptops.

Examples of these include BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV and Sky Go.

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If anyone watches or records live TV programs on any TV channel or service, or downloads or watches BBC programs on BBC iPlayer, they will also need to be covered by a TV license.

Also, people don’t need a TV license if they only use online services to watch on-demand programs or catch up.

Brits don’t need a TV license if they only use Netflix, Disney Plus or other online TV services to watch on-demand or catch up, unless they’re watching BBC programs on BBC iPlayer.

It should be noted that if people watch a live program on YouTube, they must be covered by a TV license.


If someone watches live TV on Amazon Prime, they must be covered by a TV license.

They don’t need a TV license if they only watch on-demand programs on Amazon Prime.

However, people will have to pay the license fee if they watch a live stream of a sport on Prime.

If people only watch on-demand programs on Netflix and don’t watch live TV on a TV or streaming service, and don’t watch BBC iPlayer, they can cancel their TV license if they don’t have one no longer needed before it expires.

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Refund forms can be found online at the TV Licensing website, which offers a clear step-by-step guide for anyone concerned about completing the application.

The app will ask for the name on the TV license, license number, address and zip code.

People will also need to include the date from which the license is no longer needed.

On the TV Licensing website it says: “Please check that you will no longer need your license before it expires. This means that you will never watch live TV on any channel or service, or use BBC iPlayer.

“If we approve your refund, your license will automatically be cancelled.”