Videonetics Receives Red Hat Enterprise Linux Software Certification


Videonetics, the world’s first AI and DL-powered Unified Video Computing Platform (UVCP ™) development company, announced that it has joined the Red Hat Partner Connect Program as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift in India joined and South Asia.

Intelligent VMS 3.0

Videonetics Intelligent Video Management Software (VMS) 3.0 offers a unified, next-generation user interface, military-grade security, robustness with unparalleled high availability and a future-proof solution for any deployment size.

It analyzes the attributes of servers, storage, network communication and other related devices with its AI algorithms in real time and intelligently uses the capabilities of these devices to offer a fault tolerant, resilient, responsive and robust system for video management. It tackles cybersecurity threats with its multi-pronged security measures to ensure the privacy, security and data integrity of users.

Operation via hybrid cloud environments

Recognized as a market pioneer, Videonetics has secured more than 140 cities, 80+ airports, and 100+ large corporations in many regions. Based on its patented and award-winning AI and deep learning framework, Videonetics includes UVCP ™ Intelligent VMS 3.0, Video Analytics, Intelligent Traffic Management System, Facial Recognition, Video Computing Platform as a Service (VCPaaS ™) and Video Command Control Center.

Videonetics offers its AI and DL-based Unified Video Computing platform on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift

Videonetics offers its artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning (DL) based Unified Video Computing Platform on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift to its customers worldwide.

In addition, Intelligent VMS 3.0 is certified to run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and its container applications are certified to run on Red Hat OpenShift, providing greater consistency in hybrid cloud environments and assuring customers that Intelligent VMS 3.0 will run on any Red Hat Footprint can be supported.

Software certification

The Red Hat Partner Connect Software certification uses modern deployment methods to support a hybrid cloud strategy that helps partners build and run applications on any cloud. The program offers advanced, cost-effective collaboration and cloud-native development based on leading Red Hat technologies to deliver enterprise-class IT services, whether on premise or in the cloud.

Through this collaboration, Videonetics will be able to explore a number of open source technology solutions that are the foundation for digital transformation and innovation, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s Kubernetes platform for enterprise.

Provision of scalable offers

With Red Hat Linux, Videonetics can deliver containerized offerings with multi-cloud provisioning and management

As a member of the Red Hat Partner Connect program, Videonetics has access to resources to develop Red Hat technology skills while building an open source practice, adopt container-native technologies, achieve product certification and is listed on the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Videonetics can deliver more secure, out-of-the-box, scalable containerized offerings with simplified multi-cloud deployment and management, helping to lower infrastructure costs through more efficient hardware usage.

Uniform open source technologies

Avinash Trivedi, VP – Business Development, Videonetics said: “We are excited to be recognized as a Red Hat ISV partner. By working with Red Hat, we can deliver truly unified solutions based on open source technologies and practices, with an added layer of security features and easier maintenance, which help ensure greater confidence and stability for customers. “

We intend to deploy advanced container-native technologies in cities, towns, industries, aerospace and mass transit, education and healthcare for well-connected infrastructure.

Use cloud technologies

New workloads like video analytics are crucial building blocks for Smart City and Safe City initiatives in India.

Neeraj Bhatia, Senior Director, Sales, Red Hat, India and South Asia, said: “New workloads like video analytics are crucial building blocks for Smart City and Safe City initiatives in India. “

Videonetics is pioneering the introduction of cloud-native technologies, which are key architectural imperatives that help customers achieve agility and flexibility in on-prem or cloud deployments. This also ensures that ISVs like Videonetics can extend it to edge footprints. “

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